PackshotCreator for Mac

Logiciel Packshot<em>Creator</em> 2013 for Mac

PackshotCreator software for Mac

Discover the new PackshotCreator Mac Version*.
Simplify the creation of product pictures.

White background with or without shadow, reflections… Create in a few seconds what you really want to see.

The PackshotCreator innovation for Mac:

Master your photo shooting

PackshotCreator is designed to be used by anyone, whatever your competencies are. With the user-friendly PackshotCreator software, remotely control the camera*** while previewing your shooting in real-time on your screen. Compose, crop and play with depth of field.

You take control of all your camera’s functionalities and create pictures up to 300 dpi, perfect for print uses.




Automatic creation of multi-angle views or 360-degree animations

Offer to your visitors, the maximum of information and details of your products: therefore increase the number of views of your product, and for more interactivity, integrate a 360-degree view.

The PackshotCreator software for Mac automates the creation process: indeed the software synchronizes the turntable with the camera in order to shoot up to 200 views in 360 degree of your product.

Export the multi-angle views or generate in one click an animation in HTML5, compatible for iPhone, iPad, smartphones and Android tablets tablet as well as any PC or Mac browser.

Add a magnifier or a rotation effect motion for increased creativity and invite your visitor to spend more time on your webpages.





Creation profiles to boost your productivity

The PackshotCreator software has been designed to increase your workflow and to allow you to create still pictures and 360-degree views even faster and easier.

The settings of your camera as well as the light settings of the light box can be saved in a bank data of profiles in order to use them later on.



Gain in productivity
  • Take control of your camera

    Define from your Mac the aperture and shutter speed values to get the exact light intensity you want.

    These settings are permanently d isplayed on the same window as the preview area.

  • Custom pre-crop settings

    Predefine the ratio or the size of your photo down to the latest pixel to get a homogeneous series of images.

  • Creation profile

    The camera, light and creation settings can be saved as profiles for further use and to help you gain time.

  • Overlay

    This feature helps you position your product accordingly with your previous shootings. When activated, you will be able to see a transparent copy of your previous shot and thus position your new product with the same angle and zoom level. Get a homogeneous series of images!

Master the creation of pictures and animations
  • Reliable

    The software includes very precise tools to help you create an aesthetic 360-degree animation showing a product that does not move around the central axis while rotating.

    The marks that appear during preview (grids and concentric circles) are the most reliable tools to check the position of your product and see if your camera is aligned with the center of the turntable.

  • Custom focus spot

    Play with depth of field and precisely determine the focus spot of your image: you control the focus ring of your SLR camera from your Mac computer.

    Of course, the software includes an Auto-focus mode for simpler shootings.

  • Pure white control

    For some transparent of reflective products, you may find useful to use the Highlight feature to make sure that the light does not overexpose your product. Once activated, the pure white zones of your picture will be highlighted in blanc. You can then check that the light does not come into your product while you maintain a pure white background.

Organize your files
  • Custom file naming system

    Automatize the naming of your captured images to better organize your files: determine the syntax of your image files (main name and rank) and their saving folder.

Custom your animations
  • Integrate a magnifier to your animations

    Add a magnifier to your animation and allow your visitors to easily view your product in detail. For a better comfort of use, the magnifier is scalable and can be hidden at any time in just one click.

  • Custom animation styles

    Customize the design of your animations by integrating a player or a rotation effect.

Share your images and animations everywhere
  • Animations iOS and Android commpatible

    Display your product in 360-degree on your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet and let the user touch your product as if he were in a store. Your products are visible on all Platform : sell more!

*For Mac OS X 10.10

To be used only with compatible cameras tested and approved by PackshotLab.