PackshotLab: focusing on new camera technologies


Automatized remote capture

Our systems control the whole process of image acquisition (still pictures, multi-angles, 360° or 3D) saving you some time to correctly display lighting sources and obtain a pure white background.

Patented light system

PackshotCreator’s leading system for over 12 years, this predefined lighting system assures a constant and bright homogenous environment with a colour temperature of 6500 Kelvins for a realistic colour finish of your product.

This patented system, combined with the reflective properties of our aluminium lining photographic studios, creates value for your products displayed on a white background while controlling shadings and reflections..


Full Lighting

The series R systems (PackshotCreatorR3 and PackshotMacro R) as well as the MaestroBot 3D system, are equipped with a powerful software-controlled LED lighting system, helping you adjusting the lighting intensity from 0 to 100% of the 6 LED independent panels. You can control the lightning around the product thanks to the patented transparent turntable system who lets the light coming through even underneath.

This technology is ideal for shooting your products on a pure white background and manages the captures of transparent, reflective or white objects…

Controlled turntable to the degree

Our turntable systems are equipped with a “step by step” motor offering a precise rotation to the degree. The PackshotCreator software assures the synchronisation between the turntable rotation and the camera shutter.

Montrez votre produit précisément sous l’angle que vous souhaitez.

Camera 100% automatized

LThe MaestroBot 3D camera is entirely automatized and makes it the first completely robotized solution of visual creation. The software positions the camera from the angle chosen by the user, automatically adjusts the camera tilt depending on the product size, directs the device’s zoom and synchronizes the camera’s shutter with the turntable rotation.

Highlight: control the exposition

With one click, check the good exposition of your product and make sure you are shooting your products on a pure white background without over exposing your image.

To go faster

Automatic masking PNG ExtraSharp

Our automatic masking technology enables you to crop your 360° photographs and captures in one clic. Then you can perfectly integrate a picture in a photomontage or on a personalized background.

No matter your products colour or shape, you can just concentrate on the object lightning, thus getting rid of the manual cropping confines.

PackshotOneClick: multi-materials export

Multi-angles pictures in 72 dpi, HD pictures in 300 dpi, 800 pixel large interactive HTML5 animations, still angles with an integrated magnifying glass…

In just one click, you can generate up to 10 files of different formats, definitions, sizes or personalized styles according to your needs. This is perfect for a multi-support communication!

3D Flow for 3D modelling

The MaestroBot solutions range aims to automatize 3D modelling. In one click, the software automatically generates the 3D virtual object from a series of captured images.

Create a photorealistic 3D model without knowledge in 3D making needed. More information on our 3D virtual technology.

MultiShooting: simultaneous capture from several angles

Thanks to the simultaneous control of several cameras placed at different angles, our PackshotSphere X5 and MaestroBot R systems accelerate the multi-angles shooting up to 1800 HD captures of a whole product and in one click.

With PackshotSphere X5, you need less than 5 minutes to get an instant hemispheric 3D view of a product: you visualize the product from different angles and even from above and underneath.

With MaestroBot R, our MultiShooting technology is in the service of photorealistic 3D modelling and gives you an ultra-fast 3D acquisition solution.

To sublimate your products

Focus Stacking

With the exclusive Focus stacking feature, you will not need to choose between highlighting the label, the foreground or the background of the product.

Even when you are shooting close-up photography of your product (jewelleries, watches, glasses…) or products arrangements (a set of cosmetic products…), you can remove the progressive blur effect and get a sharp image from the foreground to the background of the product.

Deep Zoom x20

You can zoom in your product up to 20 times and explore your 360° or 3D product in sharp details.

You keep your HD visual quality without slowing down your download speed: the software automatically creates a series of images from different sizes and resolutions, each of them associated with an animation zone. Like this, at the first download of your animation or when you zoom in a specific zone, the image zone at the right resolution is the only one to be displayed.

Six degrees of liberty (6doF)

The hemispheric and spherical 3D animations generated by the PackshotCreator software suite enables you to move the product from every angles freely. This is the principle of the Six degrees of freedom, mainly used in 3D video games.

The manipulation is thus more flowing and realistic, giving to the user the sensation of touching the product. Today, a fluid manipulation of the object is fundamental if one wants to offer the best online experience.


Predefine the product’s move

The PackshotCreator software suite is the only solution that offers so many possibilities to enrich your visuals and to make them even more attractive.

Among PackshotViewer software features, you can highlight the key angles of your object and define rotation and zoom moves while keeping the attractiveness of the 360° and 3D view.

Responsive Packshot

The HTML5 format main objective is to assure the interoperability on every web browser and mobiles devices interfaces (iOS or Android).

The interactive visuals created by PackshotViewer automatically adapt to your browser size interface, either from a computer screen, mobile or tablet. Thus, it offers a real optimization on mobile devices.

Take advantage from the tactile interfaces: use your fingertips in order to spin around a product in 360° or in 3D, pluck and stretch the image with your two fingers to zoom in or zoom out from your visual.