PackshotLab: focusing on new camera technologies

"It is easier to innovate when the teams bring their knowledge directly from users' experiences" Laurent Wainberg, founder of PackshotCreator.

This philosophy perfectly illustrates our desire to always go forward and innovate. In 10 years, we have never stopped going beyond our limits. This is also the purpose of PackshotLab, which centralizes our different research and development offices (technical, marketing, customer service, etc.). Beyond the research, PackshotLab fills an essential function of technological watch while favoring a strong relationship with our clients and users. This think tank office imagines and designs the equipment of tomorrow by anticipating future needs.

PackshotLab also has the mission of testing the different cameras and accessories to select and offer you the most high-performance and compatible equipment awarded with the "PackshotLab approved" label.


Focusing on automation

The synchronization between the turntable and the camera is a fundamental component of the PackshotCreator system and is the fruit of several years of development. This feature coordinates each elements during the creation of interactive animations. The software controls the turntable rotation (equipped with a step motor) to a specific degree and the camera functions (shutter, control of exposure, auto focus and zoom) Of course, each element is conceptualized and designed to obtain amazing results, proof of reliability, efficiency and permanence.

The rotation of your products are controlled. You don't get an inertia effect or parasite movement due to the mass transfer, no matter how much the product weighs (up to 320 kilograms for the PackshotSpin 09T).


Focusing on partnership with camera makers

At the beginning of this adventure, PackshotCreator wondered what type of camera could be used with our equipments. Among the many existing camera makers, one was selected by the system developers sinced it offered a documented SDK and technically implicated itself in the development of our project : the Canon SDK (Software Development Kit) which has been created especially for this project, has been used ever since for countless projects. Today, we work every day on the compatibility of our machines with the Canon EOS line. Thanks to the work of our team of engineers and developers in close relation with the Canon teams, dozens of models from the number one camera maker in the world are now compatible with PackshotCreator.

Today, the PackshotCreator technical teams also work in close collaboration with numerous digital camera makers (Nikon, Mamiya...) in order to obtain the best firmware and features for the different equipments, and to get a simple and high-performance tool when used with the PackshotCreator solutions.


Focusing on the software

The software associated with the PackshotCreator equipments is the real backbone of our system. We have always focused our attention on its capacity to respond to all of our users' needs while ensuring a comfortable use. The simplicity and accessibility of the software are the fruit of ten years of development. Ten versions have already been launched for which more than 25 updates have enabled us to bring more functionalities (more than 125 new functionalities since the first version). Therefore, it is regularly refined in order to meet our client's expectations.

Today, the software is available for both Windows and Mac.


Focusing on manufacturing quality

Each material used for the construction of the PackshotCreator machines was meticulously selected for its qualities and its different functional advantages. In this way, we have always opted for the greatest components and materials.

Aluminum, which is used for our lightboxes and our machine chassis, offers fundamental qualities to PackshotCreator, whether it is to assure excellent light diffusion and optimal thermal dissipation, or for its capacity to support objects up to 320 kilograms.

The pieces of plastic used on the lightboxes are molded with presses weighing several tons, which assures their solidity and avoids any alteration of their appearance over time. The Plexiglas was chosen to respond to the light diffusion requirements in order to maintain a temperature equal to 6500 Kelvin inside the lightboxes, i.e. daylight temperature.


Focusing on our patents

Pioneer of the concept of digital creation studios, the PackshotCreator new camera technologies are protected by numerous patents to ensure the originality of our equipment and software: from the design of our lightboxes to the automatic positioning of the camera in the PackshotCreator 3D, from the automatic adjustment of the camera tilt to the mechanical control of an SLR zoom by the software.

Automatic camera tilt adjustment
Remote control of the SLR optical zoom
Symmetrical lighting for a homogeneous light diffusion
Turntable rotation and camera capture synchronized by the software


Focus technologie 3D

The main assets of our 3D technology come from the motors and the turntable. The PackshotCreator equipments integrate up to 5 synchronized motors that work together for a full 3D capture. Such technology is completed by our solutions’ capacity to automatize the generation of semispherical and spherical animations, so that the product is visible under all angles, including from the bottom.


Focus on lighting

The lighting in our lightboxes is one of the main assets developped by our team. We have succeeded in obtaining a lighting that is practically flawless for our product line. It is capable of ensuring the diffusion of a homogeneous and constant light. Thus, thanks to the work of our technicians and photographers, we have patented a system of four symmetrical lights that guarantee an optimized, high-performance light environment. It also perfectly renders to product colors thanks to the use of a programmable RGB profile. Whatever your product is, and whener you use the PackshotCreator solutions, you will always get the same quality result.

Moreover, the new PackshotCreator R3 has an ultra-innovating technology. It is entirely composed of LEDs developed exclusively for this product line, which guarantees incomparable lighting. This prowess also avoids any post-production work and retouching, and therefore facilitates the immediate use of the product images and animations.


Our technology led us to become a producer of LEDs.

Even though LEDs can be easily piloted by a dimmer, this technology has only been used recently for our lightboxes. Its capacity to reproduce the colors of the visible spectrum was not at the same level as fluorescent lights, which had a higher performance but didn't allow for uniform diffusion. Plus using dimmers on fluorescent lamps implied expensive components. Therefore, the LEDs used in the PackshotCreator R3 were developed especially for this need, and are exclusive to PackshotCreator. The color rendering index indicates the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors in the visible spectrum, without alteration or modification of the tones. It is indicated by the symbol Ra. The PackshotCreator R3 index is very high.


Focusing on colorimetry

Whichever technology is used to light product placed in a lightbox (fluorescent light or LEDs), the light that is delivered is determined in such a way as to favor color accuracy. The files are delivered with an RGB color space, the most widely used standard, allowing for it to be easily integrated into the graphics process.


Focusing on the backlight

Focus rétroéclairage

The key advantages of the PackshotCreator R serie backlight :

It is the only solution that allows you to create animations on a pure white background, without getting any unwanted shadows, with no retouching required.

It took us 2 years to perfect the LEDs composing the PackshotCreator R series backlight system.

The intensity of the 4000 LEDs composing the PackshotCreator R3 are fully adaptable. They are placed on all the lightbox walls, the back and the floor to ensure a perfect mastery of the light, shadows and reflections on all sides of a product. Thanks to the integrated transparent turntable which keeps the advantages of the backlight, it is the only solution that allows you to create animations of products on a pure white background (RGB 255) even when it is rotating.

You get a perfect result without any retouching and thus gain in productivity and reduce all post-production work. (retouching, masking, …)

Focus on the « Full Lighting Control » system

The new PackshotMacro R integrated 2000 LED placed on ALL of its inner walls, without any exception.

The LED intensity of the lightbox is controllable from 0 to 100%, on each of its 6 sides: from the front, left, right, back, top and bottom. You master the light sources around the product and get immediately the desired result.

A magnifier is good, a deep zoom is better!


1 Internet user out of 2 class into the biggest restraint for purchase the product pictures too small or of poor quality*

* Source : PackshotCreator study conducted in June 2012 on a panel of 214 people in 10 European countries.

In one single click, the visitor opens a floating enlarging square that he can move around, which allows him to enlarge the part of the image on which he rolls over, just like a real magnifier.

The magnifier is scalable but offers just one enlarging level.

Going further with deep zoom

The PackshotViewer software offers a progressive zoom feature (x20 deep zoom) that allows the user to zoom in and out on the image, simply with the mouse scroll wheel.

The user can zoom in a product even when it is rotating, and thus examine the tiniest details of a product. Contrary to the magnifier, the user is not blocked on a single level of enlargement; the zoom enlarges the entire picture, not just one single part.

How does it work ?

PackshotViewer deep zoom is based on the use of a large collection of images of different sizes and resolutions which were automatically generated by the software.

Thus, when you zoom on a precise zone of the image, only that part of the whole image is called. The software automatically detects the right size and resolution. This is what we call the intelligent image distribution system which ensures powerful zoom capabilities and ultra-fast loading time.


To illustrate this deep zoom feature, the below animation was shot with a camera equipped with a 40 million pixel sensor. This animation was made with 20 images, each weighting 40 million of pixels. This animation allows you to examine the finest detail of this toy, which real size is of about 14 centimeters only!

The animation was created with PackshotCreator R3 equipped with a Mamiya Leaf 645DF back.

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