• 3D semi-spherical and spherical capture

  • Multi-angle and 360° capture

  • Photos

  • Dimmable lighting

  • 3D modelling

  • Automatic background removal

  • Focus stacking

Create your multi-angle views with an amazing precision, even when your products are heavy (furniture, car pieces…).

  • Very polyvalent: with its 83 cm diameter turntable, PackshotSpin is desined to support products or people up to 320 kg (furniture, sport equipment, decorative items…).
  • Easy to use: HD pictures, multi-angle views and 360° video capture controlled by the software.
  • An amazing way to gain time: remote shooting managed by the software, memorization of personalized settings, batch editing…
  • Evolving: the system can also be completed for 3D shooting.



Your biggest products under every angle

Get multi-angle views of your products and capture them in their entire aspect.

Let your customers get their hands on your products in 360°.

Homogeneous and standardized visuals

Configure the characteristics of the images you want to create (size, name of the file, format, saving location) and the views’ settings (framing, position of the product; 360° angle view). Batch apply them for different product shooting.

You can then create a personalized profile library according to your needs and the type of product you want to photograph.

Packshot spin standardized visuals tablet dress

Ideal for fashion shooting

Mohr Models ghost mannequin have been created to be used with the PackshotSpin turntables and make clothing shooting easier. Result: your clothes appear as if they were actually worn, perfect to let your visitor image how the clothes will look like on themselves.

Versatile and flexible

PackshotSpin is an upgradable equipment that can be used for 3D shooting: the system workflow has been created to integrate the PackshotSphere X5, our large format shooting equipment.

For even better performance, PackshotSpin can be completed with a lighting kit or a White FX platform that can be used to get visuals on a pure white background.

What our clients say about us

  • "The 360-degree animations of products are very attractive as they offer customers a more realistic view of the products which contribute to their purchase decisions. The studio can quickly be installed and manipulated due to its intuitiveness. The PackshotSpin O9T [...] has brought us to a superior level in the creation of visuals."

    Patrick Straub - ABC Design
  • "The PackshotSpin is the ideal solution to answer to our most urgent requests, explains Frédéric Roussel, Graphics Manager at Smobytoys. We place the item, we click and the picture is done!”

    Frédéric Roussel - Smoby

Key features

Automate multi-angle shooting

Predefine the shooting angles by the degree or capture your products in 360° for a complete interactive presentation.

Control from the software both the shutter and the rotation of the turntable. No need to move or manipulate voluminous or heavy products between every shot.

Automatic memorization of the product position

The software integrates a “ghost image” feature that allows you to see in transparency a product that has previously been photographed, so you can place your following products at the same position. Result: a whole series of products are shot with the same shooting angle.

packshot spin ghost image pink dress
Other key features