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Product photography: PackshotCreator:15 years already!

On December 3rd 2016, we celebrated the company’s 15th anniversary.To begin this 15th year, we are pleased to introduce you our new services and automated photo studios for in-house product photography and animation.

New services to become the photographer of your products


A personalized action plan to create improve your in-house visuals production flows.


It makes available to you one of its automated photo studios and/or a visual production team in order to complete the ensemble of your photographic production.


To invest in human skills with one of our 50 training programs and modules in object photography. Qualifying, in-depth, modular or customized, each has been thought out globally to provide you with the means of producing your own visuals depending upon the type of product that you wish to highlight.

New automated photo studios for all your visuals needs 

The PackshotMini Mark II is designed for shooting products up to 35cm in height, width, and depth. It’s an ajustable tool with possibility for flat lay or vertical shootings. The integrated software ensures a standardized rendering on all of your visuals.
Mini Mark II automated photo studio

                               The box of the Mini Mark II allows for vertical and flat lay shootings

The latest version of the market leader for the creation of all your product visuals. The PackshotCreator R3 LT is the best automated photo studio even for the most complex products. With its 4 detachable panels in anodized aluminum you control the light distribution (on the sides, front, rear, even below) with precision, and benefit from a comprehensive diffuser to manage glare.The new R3 allows you to make still, multi-angles and 360° product photos (with a patented rotating plate) on a perfectly white background, without any editing, for an immediately useable result. Even your white products will be enhanced on the white background. You can also scale your studio to produce 3D visuals.
how to use an automated photo studio

The R3 LT automated photo studio is scalable to 3D
Thanks to our 20 000 users for their confidence!

Become the photographer of your products

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