Product photography: discover the 2018 PackshotCreator innovations

Visual rendering, details, product textures, speed and strength of production process… In 2018, PackshotCreator reinvents product photography. Since the beginning of the year, the leader strikes the market with brand new innovations serving ecommerce companies. Automated photo studios, control software, every feature has been rethought for performances never reached. No matter which kind of product is shot. Detailed review, with Laurent Wainberg, PackshotCreator founder and CEO.

“The best lighting for your products”

“Providing the best lighting for the product highlight is our priority at PackshotCreator. The ecommerce players priority is realizing strong impact visuals and mostly faithful to the reality”, explains Laurent Wainberg. Thus, new generations of 360 photo studio PackshotCreator R3 and product photo studio PackshotOne Mark II are equipped with a revolutionary lighting: 9 light sources, whose toplight (located on the top of the box). Shot products are sublimed. Mostly complex products to photograph like products with depth: bags interior, shoes…

A maximum of visual information

Black, dark green and blue… Dark hues absorb more the light than they reflect her and they need a powerful lighting than bright colors. So, toplight becomes the essential light source. With a zenithal lighting, that completes 8 other light sources, products are enlightened in a better way, dark color rendering is not an issue anymore. “This powerful system is the best way to give to your leads a maximum of information. Bag interior, the number of pockets it has, lining material, compartments number… Many studies we’ve been leading for 15 years prove it:  more the visual information is relevant, more the conversion rate will be high”, details Laurent Wainberg.

toplight on a shoe photography

PackshotCreator R3 generation 5 VS new PackshotCreator R3 generation 6


A perfect color rendering for jewelry

Succeeding to realize precise, enriched and detailed visuals represents a major stake for jewelry and watchmaking players. Specially for them, PackshotCreator designed a dedicated photo studio: PackshotMacro R. Famous jeweler favorite studio, it has evolved in 2018 and PackshotCreator launched, in August, the jewelry 360 photo studio PackshotMacro DL. It provides the only one modular “dual-lighting” system. Composed with 10 light sources, each light zone is composed with LEDs having a color temperature varying from 3000°K (hot lighting) to 5700°K (cold one).

Final result: a perfect color rendering for each type of gemstone. Each stone, depending on its color, reacts differently to the light. PackshotMacro DL lighting adapts to all of them, without difficulties and mostly, without compromises about the quality product!

A powerful photo software to automate visual workflows

It drives the entire production workflow and it has also known a lot of major transformations: PackshotCreator has boosted the product photography software power and worked hard on totally new features. Our goal? Keeping up with hardware innovations and use them in the best way. Thus, lighting presets have been saved in order to facilitate and accelerate the workflow. Three modes are available for PackshotMacro DL:

  • Daylight: 5700°K light atmosphere for an easy and in a trice background removal
  • Variable: 7 profiles saved to enlighten each type of stone and material: gold, topaz, ruby, emerald, sapphire, peal and diamond.
  • Expert: free the operator creativity and let him choose which color temperature he wants


Unique product photo software features

Feature algorithm specially used with the PackshotMacro DL have been rethought and scaled up to ensure a performing visual creation. The following tools are essential for products visuals:

photography with hyperfocus on a stonephotography of flower with a white backgroundphoto of a diamond ring with a white background


Hyperfocus, DropShadow and Dual Lighting feature



AutoMask: the two-in-one background removal

A web user stays on average 8 seconds on a product sheet. During this short time, we have to impact the visitor. A perfect white or transparent background visual offers a precise and informative vision of the product on sale. A bad background removal or a patterned background will disturb the visitor and that will not increase the conversion rate.

With the AutoMask, available on 360 automated photo PackhotCreator R3LT and PackshotMacroDL studios, background removal has never been so easy. It combines a material upgrade and software feature. AutoMask kit contains a new background and a new turntable platform to integrates to the hardware. It has been specially designed by PackshotCreator in order to transform the studio lighting in a perfect and appropriate lighting for background removal.

automask of a photography of a juice bottle

The advantage of choosing its background

AutoMask and also Auto PNG features operates by edge product detection, not by background detection. The algorithm calculates and recognizes the subject shot. The feature operates twice: in addition to removing background, it detects transparency of products in order to integrate them without compromises on all type of backgrounds: colorful, patterned…

This feature works for every type of complex products to photograph: white, transparent, metallic products…


Hyper-realistic 360° animations

360° product animations have never been so popular since the visitor of an ecommerce website wants an interactive experience. PackshotCreator refines, adjusts, and adapts its software features according to productivity needs, each time it releases a new version.It makes 360 animations creation playful, fast, and easy!
Photo studios and turntables driven by the software can realize animations from 1024 pictures. Those animations are by the way infinitely detailed, you can also compare them. Tools for giving interaction to an animation as superzoom or swinging buttons are 100% customizable. The animation can be directly integrated to all types of website. Indeed, by using a responsive format, HTML5, the animation will have a perfect visibility on each website, terminal or browser.

Nike Air Max shoes with 6 views on online store

Custom Define feature

A considerable time saving

For example, Custom Define tool has a productive goal: accelerated multi-angle capture. This feature is almost working alone. The only manipulation: saving the number of picture and their angles. And then, the software does everything: it rotates the 360 turntable and shoots photos at determinated angles.
As seen earlier, Sampling is also a revolutionary feature for productivity. The software records a video and, will create an animation according to the user preferences, only in a few seconds!


“In order to serve as their best the customer needs, PackshotCreator will still work hard for lauching innovations. We want more than everything analyse and understand their requests in order to create solutions always more designed for productivity and easiness. The year 2018 is not over and PackshotCreator won’t be stopped there!”, concludes Laurent Wainberg.

Discover PackshotCreator photo studios feature comparator

Become the photographer of your products

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