Still Product Photography

PackshotCreator offers a wide range of professional photo studios and equipment dedicated to still product photography. These advanced technologies are combined with a unique software that integrates camera and light controls to speed up product photography. Automatically take photos of products on pure white or transparent backgrounds for eCommerce and other applications. No experience required.

Make Your Pictures Do the Selling


  • Bring product photography in house
  • Automate and simplify the entire photography process
  • Manipulate camera and light settings straight from the software
  • See the photography results even before taking the picture with Liveview
  • Take pictures of products with different compatible cameras from multiple angles
  • Easily take products photos on pure white backgrounds
  • Automatically shoot products on transparent backgrounds
  • Capture images on lifestyle backgrounds
  • Eliminate the time spent with post-production editing
  • Expand product photography consistency
  • Memorize settings and reuse them over time to increase productivity
  • Save several images in different formats at the same time

red bag with different backgrounds

Flexible Shooting Options for any Size or Application

PackshotCreator offers a complete line of automated product photography solutions specially designed to meet the needs of all industries. From wireless LED lights kit, to compact and versatile tabletop photo studios and flat lay photography solutions dedicated to fashion apparel and accessories.

All photo studios are combined with a super powerful product photography software that automates the entire creation process.

PackshotCreator Product Photo Studios with Dimmable LED Lighting

PackshotCreator entire line of product photo studios are designed with professional and efficient LED lighting. Each light source presented on the studios can be individually adjusted from 1 to 100%. Best lighting setting then can be saved and reused to other products from the same typology. With a color temperature equivalent to the daylight (5700°K), these crystals make it simple to shoot products on pure white backgrounds and were built to last more than 50 000 hours.

Created to be compact and to protect from external undesired lights or reflections, these photo studios guarantee optimal and consistent results for still product photography.




PackshotStart Mark II for still product photographyPackshotCreator Mini Mark II for still product photographyPackshotCompact for still product photographyPackshotOne Mark II for still product photography

LiveStudio – LED Studio Lights with Photography Software

LiveStudio is more than just lights. This modern studio is composed of three technologies: 100% LED lighting, a dongle and a software. The advanced software controls a connected camera and multiple external lights in real time to automate, facilitate and speed up every aspect of studio photography. Complete and applicable to all, LiveStudio is the most accessible photo shooting solution on the market.

LiveStudio different lighting kits

Flat Lay Fashion Photography Solutions

The unique design of the LuminaPad simplifies the shooting of clothing and apparel in flat lay. Fashion clothes and accessories can be placed flatlay on the large backlit table. With adjustable professional LED lighting from the bottom and around, it is super easy to get product photos on pure white and transparent backgrounds with perfect color accuracy.

Benefit from a second optional shooting mode: turn the table vertically and transforme it into a backlit background where fashion articles and accessories can be photograph on models or mannequins.

flat-lay photo studios

Global Success for All Industries

For nearly 20 years, we have been pursuing a single objective: to offer our customers, creators and designers, start-ups and big companies, the best of innovation, so that they can take great pictures of their products, without efforts. Our automated photo studios have already convinced more than 20.000 users in 35 countries.

Better Hardware

Cyclo background with backlight

We are the worldwide leader of automated still product photography, 360° and 3D solutions. Orbitvu’s studios and equipment are designed with simplicity, productivity and creativity in mind. Built to be flexible and durable, our photography products guarantee consistent and precise light sources, hight control and quality.

With more than 70 patents, we are constantly improving and innovating our actual product line and services, while launching new systems to meet the needs and demands of our customers and the vast market.

Better Software

Editing background with PackshotCreator software

PackshotCreator product photography software is the most powerful and unique product photography software available in the market. It works perfectly together with our hardware systems to automate, facilitate and accelerate the image creation process, while delivering professional high-quality images. 

All settings, from camera, lighting and positioning to editing and exporting, are saveable and reusable over time for more productivity and consistency. Results can be seeing even before the photo is taken and visuals can be exported in multiple outputs simultaneously. 

Easily photograph products on pure white backgrounds or automatically knock them out. Shoot two or more items together and automatically obtain individual image files for each product. With our still photography software, possibilities are endless!

Discover software assets

Homogeneous Product Placement

Boost photography consistency while saving time and money. Take advance of the Ghost Image feature presented on PackshotCreator software: this unique feature promises homogeneous product placement every time you shoot products. It memorizes the position of a previously object placed in the studio and creates a semi-transparent (ghost) image, in which, through the live preview, can be used as a guide to place the next product in the exactly same spot. Ghost Image not only works for still photos, but also 360° animations and videos and 3D views. These semi-transparent images can be saved and reused over time.


Increase Productivity While Decreasing Administrative Error

Learn more how to expand product photography productivity by scheduling an online demonstration today. Let us answer all of your questions about automated photography and our unique and create features such as Hyperfocus, Hotspots, Custom Defined, AutoMask, Multi-Product Capture, Multi-Editing, PackshotOneClick, and much more.

Become the photographer of your products

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