Jerome’s Furniture Talks About the Advantages of 360 Furniture Photography for eCommerce

The popularity of 360 furniture photography with eCommerce retailers have increase in the past few years. The reason is because these interactive visuals can provide potential customers unique and beneficial furniture shopping experience: the capability to efficiently view sofas, seats and armchairs from every angle from a computer or smartphone.


“We’ve been using the PackshotSpin XL for just over a year now and have seen amazing customer response in how they can view our products now. We integrated the 360 product captures into our website and gave customers the ability to view products from all angles, something traditional photography doesn’t do. And because it’s simple and quick to use, it fit seamlessly into our workflow.”
– Sam Griffiths, Director of Advertising of Jerome’s Furniture


Certainly, in eCommerce, all industries can advantage from displaying 360 visuals of their products. Although, the challenge that the furniture industry faces are product weight and dimensions. Jerome’s furniture, however, is doing an exceptional job using the 360 rotating plate PackshotSpin XL, a solution specially designed for the creation of 360 views of furniture. This solution offers a diameter platform of 300 cm and 600 kg weight capacity. A product photography dedicated software synchronises the picture taking with the turntable movements and controls the whole photograph process to simplify and boost workflows.


Since 2001, PackshotCreator has been developing leading 360° product photography solutions. From product photo equipments for jewelry to furniture, we offer the most flexible line of 360 turntables and software on the market to ensure you take the best photos for your e-commerce.

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