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HTML Comparison : compare your 360° animations and make the right choice

add background to a png file Compare your 360° products animations

Display one or more 360° product animations in HTML5 format on the same screen. Then compare their speed, their direction of rotation or their resolution.

A guarantee of quality for more homogeneity.

Quality control for 360° visuals

When you create several 360° animations of your products, you can use the HTML Comparison feature to check and compare them.

Select two or more animations of your products and display them simultaneously on your screen. Then compare their speed, direction of rotation or visual characteristics at a glance !

How to compare your animations :

After shooting your animations, under the LiveView interface:

1. Choose and select the animations you would like to compare
2. Click HTML5 Comparison
3. The 360° animations selected will instantly appear on the screen, side by side