360 Product Photography Inhouse

We develop professional 360 turntables and photo studios with efficient lighting and a powerful software dedicated to create 360 product photography inhouse. Our solutions combine image taking, editing and 360° stitching into a single workflow. The entire photographic process is automated making it simple and fast to create 360 products visuals for eCommerce, social media, and other applications.

Our best seller 360 photography studios and equipment includes a patented transparent turntable with advanced LED lighting for easy creating 360° views of products on pure white and transparent backgrounds.


Make Your Products Interactive

Increase your website’s conversions by creating 360 interactive animations of your products. Our potent and easy-to-use software allows any team member in your company to create 360 product views in few seconds with entire control over all animation’s characteristics including speed, movement, buttons style and colours, and many more. Add a zoom to display your product more effectively, not letting customers miss a single detail.

Photo Studios with Integrated Transparent 360 Turntables

These fully integrated photo studios offer complete lighting control, a transparent 360 turntable and a unique software that automates the whole photographic workflows. Hardware and software work in sync to provide the best results in the shortest amount of time. Besides still photos and videos, our photo studios and equipment allow you to create, in seconds, 360 animations on pure white or transparent backgrounds. They were specially designed to meet the needs of all sectors of activities and accommodate small to large products, even models and mannequins.

360° Jewelry and Loose Stones Photography

PackshotCreator offers a full line of 360° photography turntables and photo studios uniquely designed for jewelry and loose stones. They feature integrated transparent turntables for photographing and creating 360° videos and animations of rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, gemstones, loose stones, and even necklaces and pendants in hanging modes.

With divers image taking and product display options for 360° views, PackshotCreator gives you the flexibility to let your jewelry stand out.

When jewelry spins, it sparkles. When it sparkles, it sells.

360 Product Photography Turntables

We manufacture professional 360° product photography turntables custom built for every application and product size. PackshotCreator software combines and fully controls the camera, lighting, and turntable automating the entire 360° creation process. From product positioning and automated capturing, to batch editing and exporting, every single setting presented on the software can be saved and reused over time to increase productivity.

360 Photo Studios for Models and Mannequins

The PackshotAlto series are product photography studios, with professional and sophisticated lighting and integrated turntable. They enable you to save time and space while photographing models and mannequins.

The 360 product photography experience

Since 2001, PackshotCreator has been developing leading 360° product photography turntables and photo studios. The demand to create 360° views and videos of products has only grown, as more and more companies continually to adopt better approaches of communicating product value.

360 animations are frequently used in eCommerce websites in order to:

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Provide more information and details since hotspots, annotations, links and other relevant information can be added to the animations.
  • Keep potential customers engaged and on a website longer
  • Build consumer trust. Being able to see a product from every angle is important before making a purchase
  • Lower product returns
  • Make online shopping a more fun experience since potential customers can interact with the 360° animations

PackshotCreator Benefits

Capture Speed and Productivity

Our 360° product photography turntables and photo studios are repeatedly part of an extensive workflow. The strong software controls each photographic element and sequential process to streamline the realisation of the entire work. Also, best settings can be reused to facilitate and accelerate productivity.

Our workflows were particularly outlined to produce Standard Operating Procedures while keeping the ability to be creative.

Built to Last and Accomplish

PackshotCreator products are entirely battle-tested.

  • Compact and flexible
  • 360° wobble-free technology
  • Product positioning and centering features
  • Highly precision rotation
  • Fast Capture Speed

Edge-driven Technology

The patented and advanced turntables allow users to:

  • Control and adjust LED light from the bottom
  • Easily photograph and create 360° product views on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Modify turntable speed

Other Possibilities

Purchase one system and obtain more than only 360’s. Create everything you need: professional still photos, 360° animations and videos, custom defined sequences, animated GIF and a much more. Export a single visual in different output simultaneously.

Output available:

  • HTML5, GIF
  • MOV, MP4

Display 360° Animations Everywhere

create 360 animations for ecommerce

Our HTML5 360° product animations can be displayed online on all platforms and browsers and easily shared and viewed offline.

  • Entirely responsive
  • Developed for mobile viewing
  • Custom plugins and a 360 utilisation guide are offered to PackshotCreator customers for free.

Custom Defined Feature

Shoot all of your products from different angles without manipulating the product. The Custom Defined feature on PackshotCreator’s software allows you defined in advance the shooting angles desired. Use different camera and simply choose the different angles, then click snap and the software does all the rest. Create a custom shooting profile and reuse it to automate and accelerate the workflow.

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Captivating Product Views

Make your website more engaging with high quality photos and interactive 360° animations. Give customers a touchable experience with your products by creating HTML5 profiles. This feature allow users to fully customize their animations: define its rotation settings and speed, add a deep zoom and interactive buttons such as play/pause, full screen, social media and others.

Besides to being fully customized, your 360° product animations will be compatible with all reading media and visible without adding plug-in!

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Become the photographer of your products

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