Photography for ecommerce – Training course

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Objectives of photography for ecommerce – Training course : master the shooting of various types of products presented on online stores websites.

Training module in Photography for ecommerce

Duration: 4 hours.

Participants: from 2 to 4

Presenter: instructor specialized in Photography for ecommerce and image processing.

Method and educational means: the module takes place in a fully equipped photo studio with all necessary material.

Public: in-house-studio product photographers, e-commerce owners…

Prerequisites : knowledge of settings for speed, aperture, sensitivity, and depth of focus. Basics in studio lighting.

Overview of the module for photo framing and object composition

    • How to position different types of objects for studio shootings (leather goods, technical parts, bottles, packaging, or even jewelry). Adapting the focal range to one’s subject. Positioning with respect to the subject. Rules of horizontal and vertical framing. Management of various reflections. The different shot types according to the sizes and types of subjects photographed. Practical workshops on different shootings.

The benefits of this additional Packshot photography training module

      • This training module makes it possible to grasp and master the shooting of various types of objects, for the production of uniform and quality e-commerce visuals. These make possible an increase in the conversion rate of an e-commerce site, a decrease in returns, and a decrease in volume in after-sales service work.

Credential recognition

Certificate of completion of modular training in product photography for e-commerce.

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