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How to take professional product photos? You wish to benefit from a customized course and a comprehensive, certified photography training courses program? Our certified PackshotCreator training programs are for all professionals seeking intensive, short term training in small groups.

The PackshotCreator product photography & animation training courses cycles

  • Prerequisites: basic computer knowledge on PC or Mac
  • Duration: from 2 ½ days
  • They cover all of the sectoral and in-depth sectoral training courses programs in photographic production, accompanied by one or more photo training modules.
  • The composition of the cycles is determined based on expectations, needs, and the profile(s) of the trainee(s).
  • Depending on the training needs, they include one or several modules (touch-ups level I/ II, Lightroom, book of intentions…), that will appear on the training course certificate.

PackshotCreator support and certification

How to take professional product photos? For 15 years now, PackshotCreator has been building relationships based on trust with its clients, and has enabled them to invest in the internalization of their visuals production process. Their feedback, the skill transfer, and the systematic follow-up that we perform after these training programs have allowed us to train genuine ambassadors of the expertise in digital product imaging. Our expertise, methods, actors, and this quality brand thus provide you with the assurance of a specialized cycle that is tailored to your needs, to your industry, and to its specificities. A 30-day post-training follow-up is also included.

The advantages of the PackshotCreator photography training cycle

This customized and intensive photographic training program will make you operational in the production of visuals dedicated to a specific industry: from leather good product photography training to technical products photography. Depending on your trainee profile and upon request, in concertation with our training center, it is possible to create an entirely adapted, personalized program with the addition of training modules.

Credential recognition

Packshot certified training certificate with the mention of the industry and the module(s).

The different certified PackshotCreator training cycles

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