Wines & Spirits In-Depth product photography Training

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Objectives of this product photography training: expansion on the issues, specificities, and basics of object shooting in the sector of wine and spirits through practical situational workshops on different products. Practical workshops on positioning and composition for different product varieties. Understand and master the basics of photo touch-ups. Understand and master the photographic process.

In-depth sectoral training in Packshot photographic production for wines and spirits

Duration: 1 day (8 hours).

Participants: 4-8.

Presenter: photographer specialized in product photography and animation, as well as in image processing, with educational experience.

Method and educational resources: the training program takes place in a fully equipped photo studio with all necessary material. The camera equipment provided: Canon 5D or equivalent. Software: PackshotCreator and PackshotViewer, Lightroom and Photoshop. After a review of the fundamentals, the trainees organize, with the help of the trainer, their photo studio. Real-situation workshops with different cases of product shootings. Awareness of their constraints and graphic charts defined by the trainer.

Public: amateur photographers, actors in the wine and spirits sector.

Prerequisites: basic photographic knowledge (manual settings, light sources,).

Outline of the training program of Packshot photographic production for wines and spirits

1-Reminder and expansion on the challenges and specificities of the industry:

  • What are the visual codes of the wine and spirits sector in e-commerce?
  • Successful visuals are informative by allowing you, for example, to visualize in detail the product features on the label or back label.
  • Panorama of the market and its industry trends.
  • How to understand, arrange, and highlight a large variety of products?

2- Fundamentals:

  • Reminder of the basic principles of shootings: speed, aperture, sensitivity, and depth of focus.
  • Introduction to the benefits, challenges, and constraints of multi-angle, 360°, and 3D shots.
  • Indexing and consolidation of products for the shooting.

3- Pre-production

  • Prepare and equip the photo studio.
  • Prepare and place compositions of several products: bottles, glasses, accessories.
  • Create a system of repeatability of object placement (ghost image).
  • Install and adjust the lighting depending upon the size and texture of the subject. Placement of different light sources and shapers: soft boxes, reflectors, and barn doors. Exercises on compositions including different textures: metals, wood, and glass. Highlight liquids.
  • Shooting settings: speed, sensitivity, aperture, white balance.
  • Adjustments and direct preview with a monitor.

4- Production

  • Management of glare on glass
  • Use the screen for shooting: the Live View.
  • Studies and practical workshops on shots of different types of products. Staging and compositions: for wines, installation of recall keys in the frame (grape clusters, cork, or wine glass).
  • Evaluations by workshop of trainee photo productions performed by the trainer.

5- Post-production:

  • Verification of the sharpness of the visual, of its frame, and of its colorimetry.
  • Cropping.
  • Work on the contrasts and colors.
  • Amplify or reduce glares and flashes / shadows / sharpness and digital noise.
  • Harmonize the images backgrounds.
  • Export the images to the desired format to integrate them into different types of media: websites, social networks, flyers, and print catalogues.
  • Name, sort, and stock of visuals.

The benefits of the program

The theoretical and practical in-depth training program in the wine and spirits sector prepares you for the production of ready-to-use visuals for web integration, use on print media, or even for archiving. It enables you to face the constraints presented by the precise specifications and perfect photographic post-production.
30-day post-training follow-up. Continuous and end of course evaluation.

Recognition of acquired skills

Certificate of completion of in-depth sectoral training in Packshot photographic production for wines and spirits.