How to photograph small items? Macrophotography products Training

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How to photograph small items? Objectives: learn and master the issues, specificities, and basics of product photography in the industries of jewelry, cosmetics, and horology. Learn to position an object, to choose a lighting and to prepare it, master shooting and learn the basics of photographic post-production.

How to photograph small items? Macrophotography products Training

Duration: 1 day (8 hours).
Participants : 4-8.
Presenter: photographer specialized in product photography and animation, as well as in image processing.
Method and educational resources: the training program takes place in a fully equipped studio. The photo material provided: Canon 1100D, 650D or superior, with macro lenses for the realization of tiny subject shots and close-ups. Software: Packshot Creator and Viewer, Lightroom and Photoshop.
Public: actors in the world of jewelry, horology, and cosmetics (online sales, web-to-store).
Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge on PC or Mac

Outline of the training program: How to photograph small items?

1- Introduction to the challenges and specificities of the industry:

  • Photos and product animation in cosmetics, horology, and jewelry represent a significant investment with the proliferation of online actors in the industry. Clear and sharp visuals are decisive for the conversion during purchases at a distance.
  • Which photos to obtain in order to reach your prospects and highlight products in cosmetics, horology, and jewelry so as to arouse consumer interest?
  • What are visuals codes of these sectors?


  • Introduction to different types of lighting: daylight, neon, LED, and flash management.
  • Basics of products photo shooting: speed, exposure, aperture, sensitivity, and depth of focus.


  • Prepare and equip the photo studio.
  • Prepare and place products: rings, necklaces, watches, flasks, perfumes, tubes, and pallets.
  • Creation of a batch positioning repetition system for products  (ghost image)
  • Install and adjust the lighting system according to the size and texture of the product: glasses, fine and precious stones, organic gems, leathers, precious metals, watches, horological mechanisms.
  • Management of the camera: exposure, adjustment, and focus.
  • Set the camera and adjust the lighting according to the product photographed (photos of small objects, macrophotography of details in horology and jewelry).

4- Production:

  • Shots of different products and their accessories: earrings and fasteners, watch with macro shots of case details, make-up kit with macro on the blush.
  • Case studies of different types of references in cosmetics, horology, and jewelry.

5- Post-production:

  • Touch-ups: verification of sharpness, framing, and optimization of the product visual colors.
  • Export the images files to the appropriate format.
  • Storage of visuals.

The benefits of this program

Learning theoretical and practical fundamentals of product photography tied to the sectors of horology, cosmetics, and jewelry will enable you to master the production of visuals having high enhancement potential. The trainee will be able to position and photograph subjects on a neutral background. They will be ready to be integrated on various media, from web to print.
30-day post-training follow-up.

Recognition of acquired skills

Certificate of completion of sectoral training in Packshot object-macrophotography.

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