Upgrade your photo studio with the PackshotCreator accessories dedicated to jewelry photography

Accessories for Jewelry Photography

The accessories dedicated to jewelry photography, combined with an automated photo studio and the good camera settings, will allow you to improve and refine the 2D photos or 360° animations of all your jewelry. Reduction of reflections, precision of point of view, consistency … Discover our range of accessories to advance your jewelry photo studio.



3D rail to shoot small products from every angle


With the MacroSphere arm, mobility from your point of view becomes fluid and simple. This arm can be combined with PackshotMacro photo studios dedicated to jewelry and allows positioning accuracy down to the degree. Create hemispherical animations of rings, bracelets, or pendants and give your customers the opportunity to see them from every angle. MacroSphere supports heavy lenses (such as a macro lens) and unlike a standard tripod, it allows you to get close enough to the product. Its arch allows a 90° rotation and thus a complete pixels optimization of your sensor (no need to crop, so no loss of quality in your images).



high precision shooting with macrostand

The MacroStand is an ultra-optimized camera support in its design to photograph all types of jewelry accurately and evenly. Its micrometric adjustments and positioning marks make this table tripod the infallible asset to combine with the PackshotMacro range of photo studios dedicated to jewelry. As the positioning of small objects for 360° photography is complex, the MacroStand will allow you to easily find the right angle and the right positioning to achieve precise and well centered 360° jewelry animations.


Right positioning: 

right angle for jewelry photography


Bad positioning: 

bad angle jewelry photography

Macro Sliding Diffusion Arm

accessory to avoid reflection jewelry

Jewelry and gemstones photography requires a lot of light, and can sometimes generate overexposed areas (the product receives too much light and you can no longer see detail on the area). These removable diffusers can easily reduce reflections, while allowing light to pass through to illuminate the product being photographed.
This accessory is available with the photo studios dedicated to jewelry: PackshotMacro DL, PackshotMacro RE, PackshotMacro DIS and PackshotMacro X2.


Without / With Macro Sliding Diffusion Arm:

ring photography with and without reflection

Macro Acrylic Reflection Controller

accessory reflection controller jewelry photography

This accessory will allow you to decrease unwanted reflections on all types of products with reflective or glossy materials. Often used for watches photography, the reflections then become smooth, and give a much softer aspect to the photographed product.
This accessory is available with the PackshotMacro DL, PackshotMacro RE and PackshotMacro DIS jewelry photo studios.


Without Macro Acrylic Reflection Controller:

jewelry photography reflections


With Macro Acrylic Reflection Controller:

jewelry photography without reflections



Watch Kit

The Watch Kit is an efficient transparent support that allows you to create 360° views of your watches in a worn position. Thus, with this accessory, you will be able to save a lot of time when positioning and centering all of your watches for your e-commerce store.

The Watch Kit is directly placed in the middle of the turntable and connected to the gear of the PackshotMacro DL and PackshotMacro RE photo studios.  You will be able to to obtain multi-views, 360° animations and videos of your timepieces perfectly centered.



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