Upgrade your photo studio with accessories dedicated to product photography automation

Accessories for product photography automation

The accessories dedicated to the product photography automation, combined with our photo studios and software, will help you to save time, be more creative and precise when taking photos, multi-angles or animations of products. Positioning, centering and choosing different points of views: discover the accessories dedicated to increase your productivity!

PackshotDual Capture

stand for creating dual row products views

PackshotDual Capture is a two-viewpoints shooting system. Create your 360° animations from two different angles and double the interactivity of the visitor with your product. Thanks to the two connected cameras, drastically increase the speed of your shots and offer your visitors 360° visuals with more detail and information. Also, multiply the points of view when shooting a product from multiple angles. With the PackshotDual Capture accessory, product photography automation becomes intuitive.

Repeatable Views Stand

repeatable view stand product photography

The Repeatable Views Stand has been specially designed to standardize your workflow. It also allows you to take pictures of your products with precision and homogeneity. This 6-piece system is equipped with millimetre-accurate height and distance adjustable markers – a feature that allows you to easily lock and save the exact positioning of your camera configuration. The camera can be moved smoothly forward/backward along the horizontal arm and fixed at the desired shooting distance. It can also be moved up and down along the vertical arm.

With Repeatable View Stand:

right angle for photography

Without Repeatable View Stand:

bad positioning product photography

Centering laser

How to center products for 360° animations

Make all your photo shoots consistent, with even more simplicity, precision and durability. The laser positioning system is available on the PackshotCompact and PackshotCreator R3 Mark II studios. It is designed to save you precious time when positioning your products. Use it to accurately center your product in the center of the studio, using the laser mark left in the center of the set. It is the ideal accessory for the product photography automation for multi-angle products or creating 360° animations. The Ghost Image feature, then allows you to save an image in transparency, memorize it and reuse it for similar products.


With Centering Laser:


Without Centering Laser:


MotorizedZoom Control

This automated zoom system allows you, once set up, to get as close as possible to the products to be photographed without touching the camera. Take pictures with the best possible resolution using all the pixels of your sensor. In addition, do not risk moving the positioning of your camera when you want to zoom manually. From the software interface, control the zoom step by step for optimal results.



If you’d like in-depth advice on other accessories, such as choosing a camera lens, don’t hesitate to read our dedicated article on which is the best lens for product photography.

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Why should I use a centering laser?

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