At the service of your object visuals

To choose PackshotCreator is to call upon the leader in digital product imaging technologies and its 15 years of innovation and success. Discover what benefits our 40 solutions can provide you with in terms of productivity, and simplification of visuals creation tasks

How does Packshot technologies works?

PackshotCreator is the combination of an intuitive and powerful software, a controlled luminous environment and automation technologies which enables you to create in-house HD visuals, multi-views, 360° or 3D interactive animations, and 3D virtual models of professional quality.

Who uses PackshotCreator?

Producing quality in-house visuals in abundance and autonomously is a necessity for players in e-commerce. The digital boom also created a need for other uses: the creation of images databases, archiving, quality control, or even Research and Development…

Control of your e-commerce images

Various studies have confirmed that the main obstacles to buying online are the poor quality or lack of visuals, but also the failure to be able to expand these visuals. Not having a sufficient variety of images for a product also hurts online shopping rates.

The conclusion for your e-commerce: producing quality photos and animations is a trust factor for your visitors, and above all the means for them to virtually get to know a product that they can’t physically handle.

Create and manage digital assets

  • Whether you are product manager, archives manager, or responsible for quality control, our solutions were designed to meet your needs.
  • The PackshotCreator automated photo studios and PackshotCreator software were designed to enable you to produce a comprehensive digital image database.
  • You have the possibility to photograph your subjects on a neutral background, to crop them individually or by batch, and to simultaneously export them in multiple file formats directly onto an internal server. And this, for simple and multi-angle visuals, 360° animations, and hemispherical / spherical 3D animations.

A return on investment

Your ROI with PackshotCreator:

  • Services and tools for boosting your productivity: our services, studios, and systems for visuals production make it possible to internalize in an efficient manner your entire visuals production. The objectives: avoiding inefficient back and forth at your facilities, optimizing your deadlines and reactivity. “Before, we used external providers. […] Between product shipments, receiving, shooting, editing, and CD return, we had to wait from 7 to 10 days. Another drawback: the cost, from 500 to 800 Euros for a half day. […] All of these products to be photographed represent a very significant annual cost. We tried several times to make them internally, but the results weren’t convincing because none of us are photographers. When I discovered PackshotCreator, I was immediately attracted to its ease of use and the photo results. “, says Corinne Weppe, marketing manager at Franck Provost.
  • Quality visuals to help you stand out: our systems are designed to enable you to obtain a maximum level of quality: HD photos on pure white background, multi-views, or 360° and 3D. OneDirect uses detailed photos and 360° animations to “reassure customers on our 100 best products: the average time spent ON our pages increased by 20% […] and the conversion rate by 15% on pages with photos and animations done through PackshotCreator, raves Adrien Velter, marketing director at the remote sales specialist of professional telephony.
  • The durability of PackshotCreator studios: built to last. The first versions of the PackshotSpin rotating plates (2006) are still used by some of our clients. Tens of thousands of visuals have since been made. “We mainly use it to create visuals of our shoes that we sell on our website. The multi-angle photos and 360° HTLM5 animations are then directly integrated in our product pages. It’s a real time saver! Our procedure for product shootings is much more smooth and efficient. Not to mention the hours of editing that we can (finally) do without. “, explains Guillaume Dupont, web editor at Univers Running.

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