With IQ Mask: automatically remove the background of your photographs

No more manual background removal!

IQ Mask is an automatic background removal feature. The algorithm of the IQ Mask feature detects the edges of the subject and then automatically removes the background and let appear the transparencies. The product shot will appear on a transparent background.

An automatic & powerful feature

The IQ Mask feature on the Orbitvu’s software, with it’s powerful algorithm has been intelligently designed to allow you to make a perfect and intuitive background removal of all of your product photos, 3D and 360 animations. It smartly detects and automatically separates the product from its background, creating a PNG file with a transparent background.

The IQ Mask has been developed for removing the background of the most complex products: white, transparent and reflective products.

Ideal for shooting products for catalogues or for interacting them into colorful backgrounds or photomontages.

automatic background removal
how to automatically remove the background of transparent bottles

Orbitvu Station advantage: natural shadow

Orbitvu Station software gives you the advantage to keep a natural shadow on your product’s photos and animations when removing their background with the IQ Mask feature.

This natural shadows will gives a more natural look and realistic feel to the product photographs.

How to shoot your products withIQ-Mask:

Control the production straight from the software and preview the results in real time :

1. Place your product
2. Activate IQ Mask in the Photo mode
3.  Click on “New Profile” and then select between matte, reflective, translucent or glass, according to your products typology.
4.Make pre-adjustments necessary (for the IQ Mask to work perfectly, the lighting needs to be adjusted in order to create a contrast between the background and the shoes edges).
5.Activate “Shadow” if you want to keep the natural shadow
6. Click on Snap
7.Within seconds, the image directly appears on the screen with a transparent background and natural shadow (if applied)
8. Save your file

After the shooting, you can instantly customize your productions straight from the software: add backgrounds to your product.


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