BOCI equips itself with the latest PackshotCreator visual production technologies

Paris, March 2021 – Marion Mirats explains how the professional organization BOCI is involved and actively participates in the digitalization of the jewelry industry.

Marion, tell us about BOCI.

“BOCI is a professional organization that gather nearly 150 companies. We represent designers, fashion jewelry brands, precious metal manufacturers as well as subcontractors.

Our goal is to provide support to these business leaders and to support young designers in their development. BOCI promotes and defends the interests of its members. We act as a link between manufacturers, creators, public authorities and partners in this industry and are committed to supporting and representing the profession through a series of actions.

To assist its members better, we propose many services and tools adapted to the profession, including access to the PackshotCreator photo studio. “

website boci packshotcreator service

BOCI’s website

Why did you decide to integrate a photo studio into your services?

“In 2010, BOCI wanted to provide its designers who do not have access to equipment to photograph their collections with a professional and easy-to-use tool to meet this need.

With a simple appointment, they can book a Packshot session during which they take pictures of their jewelry and leave with the visuals the same day.

PackshotCreator was able to meet the needs of our members thanks to the quality of the photos provided by the photo studio and the ease of use of the tool and software.

Subsequently, in 2017, new needs emerged, especially with the rise of digitalization and the need for our members to have an online store to sell their creations. It had also become necessary to have usable photos without having to do extensive photo editing.”

example jewelry photography maitia

Jewelry photography from Maitia‘s designer


How did PackshotCreator help you meet your new needs?

“We decided to upgrade our photo studio with the PackshotMacro R combined to the MacroSphere. This new generation of Packshot, dedicated to jewelry photography, has proven to be even more efficient: sharper photo quality, the ability to apply numerous adjustments (luminosity, exposure, contrast, etc.) directly from the software and adaptable to all types of jewelry.

It was also possible to make small 360° videos showing the jewelry from different angles, which is a real advantage when showcasing a product on an online store.

workstation boci packshotcreator jewelry

BOCI’s workstation



PackshotCreator has been a long-time partner of BOCI and has been able to adapt and evolve technologically according to our needs in order to precisely meet our expectations.

Support is also one of PackshotCreator‘s strengths. The teams have been present in several aspects: whether it be in training our employees to use Packshot, ensuring software updates or answering our questions when we had them.

This tool has become a must-have among the services provided by BOCI. It is not only greatly appreciated by our members, but also an argument that allows us to win over new prospects.

We are very happy with the ongoing partnership between PackshotCreator and BOCI and hope that it will continue to be effective.”

Become the photographer of your products

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