PackshotCreator R3 centering laser + software update exceptional offer!

Dear PackshotCreator R3 users,

We would love to help you improve your visual creation, perfectly center your products and benefit from the latest great and exclusive features from the PackshotCreator software, by offering an exceptionnal promotion:


Centering laser


PackshotCreator software version 15


1h of online training



What are the advantages of the centering laser?

automatic centering laser packshotcreator R3

Position and center your products very simply and quickly when creating your 360 ° animations, and increase your daily productivity tenfold.

Product centered with the laser:

Product centered without the laser:


What are the advantages of the V15 software update?

– Unique color conversion feature: showcase your product lines in any color with just only one picture
Fusion feature: push the limits of creativity
– Compatibility with the most recent operating systems
– Compatibility with cameras from the Canon mirrorless range

Discover all the new features of the PackshotCreator software.


How to benefit from this offer? 

It’s really easy: have your serial number ready and call us on +331 47 42 66 66.


Become the photographer of your products

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