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E-commerce: from the physical stockroom to the digital product photography inventory

Digital product photography: PackshotCreator and Wizishop are offering an exclusive webinar to help you become your own product photographer.

The digital product photography revolution in e-commerce has created a perpetual need for new images. In e-commerce, producing photos and animations in-house lets you deal with large numbers of items and set yourself apart from the competition.

What’s the process for shooting a large volume of products in-house? What equipment is required? Do you need a professional photographer?

Our digital product photography training specialist will answer these, and any other questions you might have!

For nearly 30 minutes, our photographer will answer your questions and outline every step of the process: logistics, shooting and exporting image files for your online store website, catalogues or social mediaIn-house image production lets you be responsive when dealing with an ever greater number of business operations, while staying on top of the latest trends. And it delivers a return on investment for owners of an in-house photo solution.

Check out the video webinar at the link below:

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