Kappa gives its motivations for a PackshotSpin acquisition

The official online shop of the well-known Italian brand Kappa, offers equipment, accessories and sport clothing for men, women and kids.

A 360 Packshot rotating-plate controlled by software

About two months ago, Kappa chose to acquire the 360 degrees turntable PackshotSpin. Benoit Defois, Director of the E-commerce website, gives us the reason that motivated his choice.

animations de produits à 360 studio packshot

Why choosing the PackshotCreator solution?

« We have decided to invest in this solution in order to answer budget constraints without forgetting quality requirements. This solution allows us to master – among others – the costs of product shooting

What use do you make out of the PackshotSpin ?

« The PackshotSpin is a perfect tool to take pictures on a mannequin. We used a Mohrmodels mannequin with the turntable and the render is absolutely realistic and gives the clothes a human body shape.

Moreover, this solution allows us to integrate easily and quickly the pictures on our website. We do save them also on our corporate image bank, enabling us to use them for our multiple print and online communication tools (like products sheets, brochures or leaflets).

From your point of view, what are the advantages to have a PackshotSpin within your company?

« With our PackshotSpin, we can also easily create 360° animations to highlight our products. The turntable and the software are saving us multiple hours of work as the workflow is fully automated. Additional functionalities, like the possibility to add text on our animations, offer great possibilities.»

You had a complete « hands-on » training on PackshotSpin, what did you think about it?

« I really enjoyed the training, I found it really well presented and efficient. It helped us to fully get into the product photography software and the solution in no time: discover user tips and a lot of useful information! »

Last word about PackshotCreator :

« We have totally been convinced by the PackshotSpin for mannequin photography. Moreover, we have recently purchased a 360 photo studio PackshotCreator R3 to shoot also other products, such as shoes, bags, caps and other accessories. This solution allowed us to go even further by creating pictures on a pure white background, master reflections and light angles, use the background removal tool and also delete the blur effect with the Hyperfocus feature. »

Avis studio PackshotCreator Kappa Sport

B. Defois

E-commerce Director


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