Fashion and accessories photography with automated photo studio: Drake Store testimonial

Paris, September, 30th: since one year and a half, many fashion and accessories stores were pushed to go online to sell their collections, as their physical shops were closed due to the global situation. Drake Store contacted us few months ago and purchased the great fashion automated photo studio PackshotStudio 360 to photograph clothes, but also shoes and accessories.

Who’s Drake Store?

The Drake Store shops are iconic in the Geneva landscape. Initially founded in 1964 as a men’s fashion boutique, the brand has grown over the years to add women’s ready-to-wear to its shelves in 1994. Today , with three stores in Geneva and one in Lausanne, Drake Store is a benchmark for high-end ready-to-wear in the region.

Why did you decide to internalize your product visuals creation?

“Due to the restrictions linked to Covid, we have been forced to enter the 21st century and develop our digital presence. For economical and practical reasons, we decided to do everything internally. Responsiveness is less and given the extent of our collections, it was simply easier to integrate a photo studio into our storage space.

We needed to produce clear photos of our products. We sell the collections of more than 15 brands, which makes a great amount of pieces to photograph.
After some research, demonstrations and discussions with various market players, PackshotCreator has established itself as the ideal solution for producing quality images at a sustained rate.”

example mannequin cloth packshotstudio 360 Tshirt on a mannequin in the PackshotStudio 360

Daily PackshotStudio 360 at Drake Store: fashion automated photo studio

“Today, we have one person dedicated to using the studio. We photograph on average 25 products per day with between 2 to 5 views per product. For the launch of the website a few months ago, we needed to photograph 100 pieces in record time and the fashion automated photo studio PackshotStudio 360 proved to be the ideal ally.

One of the big advantages of this studio is that it is very flexible. Indeed, it allows us to photograph clothes on mannequins, but also all our accessories, bags and shoes. And all this with a minimum footprint – 5 m2 on the floor.”

clothes on mannequin examples

Coats on a ghost mannequin from

Is the time saving real with an automated photo studio?

“We photograph a huge variety of products, from the most delicate earrings to entire mannequin looks, which require very different lighting from one to another. Saving profiles allows us to easily switch from one to another, save time, and most importantly, have consistent results on our site thanks to the software’s automation capabilities.

The software allows quick editing and the photo studio is straightforward to use. All light intensities are easily controlled with one click, rather than going from one light spot to another like in a conventional photography studio. We can, for example, add a drop shadow with exactly the same characteristics on all our automatically background removed visuals to give a more aesthetic look to our content.
All our images are ready-to-be-published when outputing them from the software.

Besides regularly giving us valuable advice, the PackshotCreator team is very friendly and reactive.”

drakestore 4 views of a bagMulti-views of a bag example from 

What are your next goals to achieve?

“We are proud that our website went live on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 – We continued to photograph (infinitely) the summer collections before starting to receive next season’s restocking.
The next step will be to move on to 360° visuals, thanks to the automated and backlit turntable of the fashion automated photo studio PackshotStudio 360.

We look forward to continuing to grow with PackshotCreator and offering increasingly enriched content for an even more qualitative user experience.”





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