Fashion photography : Maracun takes the best out of MohrModels and PackshotCreator

Fashion brand Maracun from Rostock (Germany) has put its website online for a few week to sell trendy Italian-style clothes, shoes and bags. “Italienische Damenmode” offers the right outfit for every occasion! Women can now order sophisticated and elegant outfits, leisure clothes or evening dresses online!

360° in-house animations to reflect the premium quality of Italian fashion labels

The shop includes high quality presentations with 360-degree animations and multi-angle views with zooming functions. “Our online shop has to reflect the premium quality of Italian fashion labels and such comprehensive presentation will be sensational for the customers. No so many firms in the apparel industry are offering this type of visual, therefore wants to stand out from the crowd”.

website of an online store with 360° rotation of products

In May 2013, Marco, CEO of the company, decided to realize his project. He was looking for a solution to create his own pictures himself – and found a real good professional one. Thanks to the “cut-figures” mannequins by MohrModels combined with the software-controlled PackshotSpin turnable, Marco is shooting his top trendy articles. Dresses, trousers, shirts, jackets and shoes are now available online and are enhanced with animations and HD photos!

A combination for hig quality visuals

“The combination of the MohrModels mannequins and the PackshotCreator fashion photographic solutions offers an unrivalled solution to showcase clothes under all angles, down to the finest details: multi-angle views, 360-degree and 3D animations, dynamic zoom. The mannequins from E-Shop models allow me to stage the fashion items. Moreover, the PackshotCreator software is really user-friendly and makes it way simpler to create product images and animations “.

Become the photographer of your products

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