Focus on… the Hyperfocus on product photography

The Hyperfocus module is the latest addition to the PackshotCreator software suite: made to answer the needs of our clients in macrophotography, the Hyperfocus option allows you to get an ultra-sharp image on the totality of the product that being shot from very close.

How to assemble several products images?

The progressive blurry effect due to the depth of field is well known and even appreciated by photographers. However such artistic effect may be constraining in product shooting when you need to enhance the very details of your products.
The Hyperfocus feature literally (assembling focus distances) allows to assemble several images that were shot with different focus distances to get in the end a photo with a maximized depth of field.

Before and after ring photograph focus stacking jewlery photography

Showcase each details of your products

For the first time you will get an extended sharpness from the foreground to the background of you image in just a few clicks. Each detail, material and color is perfectly rendered; you avoid the progressive blurry effect specific to macrophotography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hyperfocus?

The Hyperfocus module is the latest addition to the Orbitvu Station software suite, made to answer the needs of our clients in macrophotography.

How the Hyperfocus works?

This feature automatically stacks multiple pictures perfectly sharp.

What is the difference between Hyperfocus and focus stacking?

The Hyperfocus is fully automated through the software while the focus stacking is a manual technique.