Position your products identically with the image transparency feature

Get identical positions on your products

Ghost Image is an image of a previously positioned product that appears in transparency on your monitor (LiveView). Reuse this image to identically position the following products. Get still photos, multi-angles and 360° animations of perfectly homogeneous objects.


Product shot homogeneity has never been so easy and fast

Get a homogeneous result on a whole series of images with Ghost Image feature: the software integrates a position memory feature which allows you to see a previously photographed product transparency and to place the new product in the exact same position. 

These positions are savable and can be applied to other product shots over time. The transparent image works for all types of visuals: 2D photos, multi-view photos and 360° animations.

You also have the choice to import any image onto the software, memorize its position, and apply it to your own product.

How to apply a Ghost Image transparency:

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place your product
2. Make any pre-adjustments necessary
3. Press Capture
4. Create a Model from the image
5. Select this Model and activate Ghost Image tool to display it’s transparent Image in the Live View
6. Position a new similar product in the Photo studio in order to match the transparent image in the viewer



How to photograph my products in a homogeneous way?

To create consistency on your website, you will need to well position your products . How to do this?.

What is a ghost image?

A ghost image, as the name suggests, appears transparently on your shooting screen to allow you to position products from the same category. Learn more?