100% controlled camera

Adjust the camera position from the computer. The software automatically adjusts the tilt of the camera depending on the size of the product, pilots the optical zoom, and synchronizes the camera’s trigger with the rotating plate, to the nearest degree.


360° X2

An intelligent flow that lets you extract up to 360 images from a 360° video of your product. Multiply your image production thanks to this 2 in 1 feature.

3D flow

Capture process of the product from all angles, cropping of the visual to eliminate all background environment, creation of point cloud, the mesh, and application of the texture onto the 3D model.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Technique making it possible to introduce in real time a 2D or 3D element into a real environment.

Automated multi-angle shooting

Predefine the shooting angles beforehand, capture your product in 360° or in 3D; your solution takes care of the rest! The result: a comprehensive, interactive presentation of your products.

Automated photo studio

It’s the combination of an intuitive software and a controlled luminous environment that enables you to create multi-view visuals, 360° animations or interactive 3D, and professional grade 3D virtual models.

Automated remote shooting

Our systems drive the whole image acquisition process (still shots, multi-views, 360° or 3D) so that you no longer have to handle the product, or take the time to correctly place the light sources and obtain a uniform white background.

Automatic cropping

The software automatically deletes the visual’s background in one or two stages according to the typology of your product, thanks to a triple algorithm that differentiates, to the nearest pixel, the photographed subject and the background. The visuals require no manual cropping.


BOB Capture

PackshotCreator has chosen the technique of photogrammetry, developed by the BOB Capture software, which is based on the coupling of multiple photos taken from different angles, at the heart of the MaestroBot systems.

Batch editing

The software piloting your photo studio enables you to resize, reframe, and edit your images by batch. You thus save a lot more time.


Custom file naming system

Thanks to this PackshotCreator software function, automate the naming of your series of images to better organize your files: determine the syntax of your images (made up of a principal name and a row) and their storage location.



The PackshotCreator systems produce a uniform, pre-configured and balanced, daylight-like lighting (6,500°K – Color Rendering Index lies between 85 and 98%).

Deep zoom X20

Enlargement function up to 20 times the product visual, and no longer just a part of the image, even when the object is animated (360° and 3D).

Detachable panels

The detachable panels in anodized aluminum provide the shooting with more flexibility, and a better handling of glares.

Drop shadows

Add depth to your trimmed products without putting them through a third-party app. The Drop Shadow feature in PackshotCreator software adds a drop shadow that directly takes on the shape of your product. You can then adjust its depth and opacity to match the desired effect.


Editing and touch ups by batch

With this PackshotViewer software function, edit and reframe your visuals by batch in order to guarantee a harmonious result over the set of your photographic productions.

Enrichment option

Allows, via the PackshotViewer software, the addition of texts, images, or external links directly onto the animation, and advanced scriptwriting of the products’ movements (HTML5 animation).


Flat lay shooting

Top-view shooting

Full Lighting

With the patented integral, made to measure backlighting system, the intensity of 4,000 LED crystals distributed over multiple light sources is each independently set from the software. Your products are enhanced on a pure white background, without cast shadows nor unwanted glares, with natural colors with an adjustable lighting intensity of up to 6,500°K, similar to daylight.


Ghost image

This position memory function integrated into the software makes it possible to see a previously photographed product in transparency, and thus to place the following one in the same position. Up to 200 reference images can be stored.

Ghost model

Adaptable on the PackshotCreator rotating plates for worn clothing photography.



Adjust from your screen the lighting adapted to your product. With few clicks, the software enables you to check the over- or underexposed areas of your product.
To save even more time, store these settings in a profiles library in order to always have at your fingertips your favorite settings for future shootings.


Hyperfocus makes it possible to eliminate the progressive blurring effect found in close-up photography, the composition of products, small objects placed lengthwise, or at different levels.


Intelligent image distribution

Regardless of the size of the visual, animation files are generated from your server so as to minimize loading time: the PackshotViewer progressive zoom is based on the use of a large collection of images of various resolutions and sizes, all automatically generated during the creation of the animation in the software.


Kit White FX

The White FX platform makes it possible to produce visuals on a pure white background.


Live View

Benefit from Live View to monitor results in real time on your computer. No technical manipulations to be performed on your equipment or camera, besides for the manual zoom; everything else is controlled from the software interface.


Lighting that does exactly what you tell it to do. Take control of the lighting system in your photo studio from any touchscreen device. Slide your finger across the screen to raise or lower the intensity of each of the light sources in the studio.



Magnifying class addition

In order to allow your users to see your products up close, you can integrate the magnifying class tool onto your images. Thus improve their experiences and increase even more the conversion rate of your e-commerce.

Measuring products

This feature lets your visitors measure products placed in your studio with a precision of up to a millimetre. You can measure each aspect of an item by moving the cursor over the photograph. A high-performing tool exclusive to PackshotCreator.


No need to manually reconstruct the 3D product model from A to Z. Just position the object in the photo studio and start shooting from the software. The system creates the point cloud, the mesh, and automatically applies the texture onto the model.

Modular box

The modular PackshotCreator lightbox system allows for a vertical and flat lay shooting, thanks to two camera slots.

Multi-product capture

Photograph multiple products simultaneously and automatically save each of these products in the form of individual files.

MultiShoot system

This unique shooting system, from 5 simultaneous angles, enables you to obtain in few clicks up to 1,800 photos or a 3D view of your product. Each element (camera, rotating plate) is managed by the software.

Multimedia export

You can export up to 10 different visual formats, according to your needs, and store them to keep the same type of image or animation.



The high productivity tool for simultaneously creating up to 10 files of different formats and styles: 72 dpi images for the web, HD photos for print, etc.

Photographic workflow

This is a logical and rational program for tasks and work. They are carried out by individuals and tools, from the logistical arrival of the product in a photo studio until the use of the obtained visual. The workflow gives a coherent overview, streamlining all of the tasks to be performed in order to be as productive and cost-effective as possible.


Reference grid

The reference grid on your monitor enables you to precisely place the object to be photographed.

Responsive design

The interactive visuals in HTML5 format automatically adapt to the size of your screen, be it on your computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Ideal for then integrating them onto websites in responsive design.


Six degrees of Freedom (6doF)

The 3D hemispherical and spherical animations generated by the PackshotCreator software suite allow you to freely move the product around on all axes. This is the principle of 6 degrees of freedom, largely used in 3D video games.
Handling is thus smoother and closer to reality, giving the user the impression to virtually touch the product. This freedom of movement of the object is, today, essential if we want to offer the best possible experience on the web.

Standardized rendering

The characteristics of the image to be created (size, file name, format, storage location…) as well as the shooting settings (framing, product position, number of shots to take) can be configured beforehand in order to apply them to a whole series of pictures. A guaranteed standardization for all of your visuals.

Steered rotating plate

Our patented rotating plate systems are equipped with a “step by step” motor for a rotating precision to the nearest degree. The synchronization between the rotating plate and the camera trigger is assured by the PackshotCreator software.

Structured light system

The “structure light” projects a light pattern onto the object and makes it possible to obtain the finest details of the product, particularly for objects that do not have significant forms, or that have a very uniform texture.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is the reproduction of an environment, be it real or imaginary, and simulates the presence and physical environment of a user in order to allow user interaction.


Worn shooting

Upright shooting