Home decoration: more visibility with PackshotCreator

There has always been a special interest for home decoration and interior furniture: home is at the same time a safe and relaxing place but also a new meeting spot with friends.

Displaying the best home decoration product visuals

Therefore it is evident that the decorating and furniture sector is one of the most dynamic market in the e-commerce: it is the first sector on the basis of the numbers of website with a 30% increase of the turnover per year. People are now buying tables, chairs and other furniture directly on specialized websites: the shipping is often free and easier to cope with than in a physical store where transportation is complicated and expensive.

View some examples of home decoration visuals.

Discover PackshotSphere an automated Packshot solution for 360° and 3D animation of furnitures

It is then essential for those companies to display the best product visuals in order to catch the eye of a potential client and therefore increase their sales.

This is why PackshotCreator has reunited all its know-how in 4 different solutions dedicated to decorating and interior furniture, whether you are willing to shoot from a vase or a candlestick to an armchair or sofa. HD still shots, automatic masking, 360° or 3D animations can be automatically generated with the PackshotCreator solutions.


Automated photo shooting equipments to create visuals for furnitures

Uaredesign.com is the perfect example: thanks to PackshotCreator equipment, the company captures all their product references in a short amount of time, offering HD views and 360° animations to their clients, enriching the buying process.


 Luminapad: The modular solution for top shot and vertical shooting.

automated photo studio Luminapad

  PackshotOne: The large size photo studio ideal for shooting products up to 90 cm

automated photo studio for e-commerce

 PackshotCreator R3: The best for 360°shooting on pure white background

R3 automated photo machine

 PackshotSpin: The software-controlled turntable for 360° shooting of your largest products.

rotating plate for 360° photography of products


To discover the PackshotCreator solutions tailored to your needs, use our studio configurator




Become the photographer of your products

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