How to make your photos load faster?

Encountering a problem with slow web page loading time and visitors end up closing it even before it fully loads? Learn more on how to make your web pages load faster.

How to display product photos faster?

Online users do not want to wait too long for product photos to display. A slow browsing experience affects your whole product and company image. The customers’ buying experiences are also affected. Quick photo display is the key to the problem!


  1. Use fewer photos per page. The lesser the number of photos, the more quickly photos will load.
  2. Make sure to optimize all your images. Use PNG (best quality for least size) or GIF instead of other file formats. However reduce the size without affecting the appearance. Clipitnow online service is specialized in conducting professional photo optimization among other photo services.
  3. Use PackshotLive, a solution where photos, even high definition products photos load in a click. It works when the image server of PackshotLive stores all your photos in one place and immediately creates image tiles in all required levels of resolution. PackshotLive’s engine sends the data of the image tile matching the region watched by the user. This allows minimal download times, even at the highest resolution. The photos are displayed smoothly with zooming and layering abilities.

Now, you know exactly how to improve the browsing experience of your customers on your website!

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