How to clean your gold and silver rings before photographing them?

On macro photography of jewelry (for e-commerce or not), the slightest fingerprint will be visible if you have not prepared it beforehand, especially with some of the camera settings used in jewelry photography. The same goes for handling during the shooting. Your objective is to give it a maximum of brightness with the shooting and to save time during and after the photo shoot. You will find all our advice in this tutorial to clean your gold and silver rings.

  photo of gold ring made in the PackshotMacro DIS studio


Gold ring


Bowl of hot water
Hand soap
Baking soda
Soft cloth
Cotton gloves


25 minutes
  • 1. What equipment to use and how to clean your rings?
    how to clean gold and silver rings

    There are three steps to prepare them to be photographed.

    • A bowl with hot water (to remove the grease and oil that may be present on the ring and its setting stone) and soap. Use washing-up liquid or hand soap, preferably natural products. It is also recommended to add a teaspoonful of baking soda for silver or gold rings.
    • Let the jewellery soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes. In case of persistent traces of dirt, use a soft-bristled toothbrush soaked in dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap.
    • The last step is to rinse them, put them in the dryer and finish with a soft cloth to remove all traces before shooting.
  • 2. How to clean gemstone rings
    cleaning emerald rings

    Some gemstones, such as emerald, are very delicate. Emerald has inclusions that make it sensitive to shocks and temperature variations. So use washing-up liquid, sweet almond oil or soap. Immerse the ring in water at room temperature for a few hours, then gently rub the natural stone with a soft cloth. Finally, let it dry in the open air.

  • 3. What to do during the photo shoot
    how to place a ring in the photo studio

    Always use cotton gloves or finger pads to handle your rings. The fingerprints will indeed be visible on the final photo result. You will then have to either start again or retouch the visual to erase them. You can also use tweezers for jewelry for more precision when handling the rings. Also keep a dusting spray and a chamois leather at all times, as the slightest grain of dust will be visible if you take high-resolution photos.


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