How to automatically delete the background of food product photos with PackshotCreator R3 M Mark II?

Delete the background of your food product photos in a studio without going over a post-production stage. This automatic process helps to increase homogeneity on your food photography. Removing the background will allow you to interact your plates into neutral and clean backgrounds that can enhance the focus on your food and highlight their delicious ingredients. You can then easily add these visuals to your menu, website and food delivery apps. How to automatically delete the background of food photos  


Food products


PackshotCreator R3 Mark II
PackshotCreator software
Canon EOS 800D
Canon EF-S 18-135 mm lens


2 minutes
  • 1. Centering your product
    How to automatically delete the background of food photos

    Place your product in the center of the studio. Use the different positioning rulers available on the software to center it correctly. If you would like to save the same position for other products of the same typology, click on the AfterImage icon and then select “add an afterImage”.

  • 2. Preparing your camera
    adjusting camera settings for food photography

    First, select 2D and then AutoMask as the shooting mode. Now, adjust the camera settings by selecting an aperture value between 13 to 16 for a better visual result. Choose a value between 200 and 400 for ISO and shutter speed for brightness.

  • 3. Choosing the perfect light environment
    lighting for food photos with automask

    Under LightControl, adjust individually the 7 lighting sources in this studios. Use the LiveView to preview the results and decide which lighting environment best suits your product. You can save the lighting and camera settings by creating a profile. The profile can be later found in the profiles library and reapply to other products’ shootings.


    Tips: The AutoMask feature works better when there is a contrast between the background and your products edges


  • 4. Choose the correct AutoMask preset
    automask presents for shooting food products

    Our software provides 4 different presets to be used to different type of products: matte, reflective, translucent or glass. Select “new profile” and then choose the present that will best fit to your product.


    PackshotCreator advantage: natural shadow

    This new feature gives you the advantage to keep a natural shadow on your food photos while removing their background. To apply it, select “apply shadow”.

  • 5. Adjusting the transparent mask
    adjusting the transparent mask for food photography with automask feature

    You are now ready to create your visual. Press “snap” and a new window will appear. Here you will be asked to adjust the opacity and quality of the transparent mask of your food product’s photo. Move the 3 cursors to the right and left until you get a perfect black mask of the product. If you need to re-adjust the lighting, simply press “retake”.

    When satisfied, click “next” and save your profile to re-use it for other products.


  • 6. Ready, set, go… done!
    exporting interface of PackshotCreator software

    Click “snap” and in seconds you have your food product image with the background removed.  Save your file by selecting the image and clicking in “save as”. Choose the formats to be exported and then the image quality and size. Give your file a name and click “save”.

    You’re visual is now ready to be used.


    Tips: To keep the transparent background on your food product’s photos, save your file in PNG format.