How to get sharp and better-looking photos of jewelry with the focus stacking technique?

Stacking photos with different focuses is a technique called focus stacking. It is used in macro photography of products and particularly for close-up photography of small jewels: birth bracelets, rings, cufflinks... The idea is an automatic assembly by software of several identical photos of your product with a different focus. You get, after the assembly, a completely clear jewelry photograph. With this tutorial, we show you how to perform focus stacking with the PackshotCreator software combined with a 360-degree photo studio.





Photo studio PackshotMacro DL
Canon EOS 800D camera
100 mm Macro Lens


2.13 minutes
  • 1. Make your ring sparkle and put it in position
    how to clean jewels for product photography

    Clean your ring (read our tutorial) and position it on the center of the studio. We use a vacuum system to hold it without any support (find out how to use this system in this article).

  • 2. Prepare your jewelry for focus stacking
    How to prepare your jewellery for focus stacking ?

    Choose the Hyperfocus shooting mode on the software interface and apply your usual settings for the camera and studio lighting. Choose a wide aperture and an ISO value between 100 and 200 for the best visual effect. Your ring is ready to go through the focus stacking step.

  • 3. Customize the focus stack for your ring
    Customize the focus stack for your ring

    Click on Snap. A window will open on your screen. Select the increment (distance) of the different shots on your ring. Distance is also called focus shift.

  • 4. Let yourself be guided to start shooting
    Let yourself be guided to start shooting

    Then select on Next, a new window appears. Determine the number of photos to be taken for the stack of images. Use the guide on your screen to find out how many images to use to keep your ring in focus. To perform automatic focus stacking of this ring, choose 6 photos. Tip: The higher the aperture value of your camera, the more pictures you need to take.

  • 5. Automatic compilation of your ring photographs
    Automatic compilation of your ring photographs

    Click again on Snap. The camera then sequences the 6 previously selected shots. The software automatically compiles them into a single file. You get a sharp visual from the foreground to the inside of the ring. Finally, choose the file export format(s): jpeg, tiff, png.

  • 6. The result
    Before and after ring photograph focus stacking

    Here is the final result: before and after the automatic compilation of your ring photographs.

    • Find out how to obtain a completely sharp 360° animation thanks to the stacking of images.