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A new type of consumer has arrived: the e-shopper. Purchasing items online daily, the e-shopper is extremely demanding when it comes to get some information about a product.

How to give more visual informations for your products?

Several things are decisive in this buying process: the product data sheet and specifications and the pictures of the product displayed online.

However, the product picture stays at the heart of the e-shopper’s decision to buy or not a product. Thus, the e-merchant has to present the product as if the customer was having it in his hands.

Thanks to the PackshotCreator automated photo studios and their associated product photography software, it is now possible for any companies to photograph in-house every kind of product (jewels, shoes, clothes, bags, mobile phones, cosmetics…) and for a professional result. 

PackshotCompact in an office practical and easy to use

HD photographs, still or multi-angle pictures, 360°…

With PackshotCreator studios, you can make HD product photographs, still product pictures or multi-angle pictures, 360 degrees animations or even 3D animations of your products. Thus, your clients will be able to get all the information they need thanks to the zoom-in or magnifying glass option available in the software. In addition, the PackshotCreator software suite enables you to create HTML5 animations adapted to your website template even in low resolution and without slowing down the download speed.

Become the photographer of your products

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