Photograph Beauty and Health Products for eCommerce

Take professional quality photos of your health and beauty products for your catalogues or eCommerce websites. Orbitvu's photo solutions are combined with a photography software that automated and streamline the entire visual production. Simply place, preview and create!

Quick and Better Photos

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Speed up your beauty and health product photo workflows


Knock out the Background of your beauty products photos

Automatically delete and then add the background of your choice


What if you need your product photos to sit on top of whatever type of background your website displays? Or better yet, what if you’d like to the backgrounds of your images to match a specific color scheme within your brand or style guide? In the world of product photography, one of the most painstaking tasks can be having to drag multiple images into Photoshop and manually cut out the background. Well, now you can say goodbye to the Lasso Tool because AutoMask background-removal feature does it better and faster with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

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beauty product on white background

Examples of Beauty Products Photography


The best solutions for Beauty & Health

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