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Make all of your beauty products glow

examples of lipstick photography
how to photograph reflective products
how to photograph products with same position
  • examples of lipstick photography
  • how to photograph reflective products
  • how to photograph products with same position

Many products to capture for so many different uses: eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, fragrance, etc. If you wish to have perfectly homogenous pictures of your diverse range of cosmetics, Ghost image is the way to go!

With the image transparency feature, you will be able to position your products identically to each other, by type of product previously shooted.

Amaze your clients with impeccable, identical photos. Perfection is attainable…

Let’s see some examples of beauty products photography!

We know the world of beauty products is wide and diverse. Cosmetics can take any form and any size, but there is no need to worry during your shooting process. Hyperfocus eliminates the progressive blurry effect on your every complex product. It is so simple!

Orbitvu developed the perfect tool for your industry, that will make all of your products attractive and really tempting!

Not enough time to make all of your beauty products look flawless? Stored custom profiles can be your solution and act as a life saviour!

Save your light settings that make your every individual typology look more appealing and shiny. Reapply them at any time! It is intuitive, it is automatic, it is simple.

Photographing perfume bottles can be tricky, as most of them are transparent and reflective. Saving editing parameters can be really handy in these situations.

Highlight, countour or add shade: whathever makes your products look their best!

It can often be complicated to explain how a beauty product is applied, yet, with Time Lapse, “conceal” your worries away!

Create an interactive animation where, at one point during the process, you stop the turntable, modify your product before carrying on.

Not only are you creating an original 360° beauty product animation, but you are also giving instructions to all your clients.


(Cick and slide…you’ll see)

Let your beauty products sparkle with 360° or 3D animations

Proud of your ingredients? Then, show them on your animation!

The Magnification Tool allows your clients to zoom or loop on your visuals to inspect all of its details.

Animations can say a thousand words.

Some features you could benefit from...

Curious to see examples of your own beauty products?

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