Differenciate yourself from your competitors with appealing visuals of your components

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High quality products deserve high quality visuals

multi-side photography of a component

Shoot your products in the angles you think is best. Before your shooting process, define the angles you want your products to be photographed. There are no manipulations necessary, everything is automated and designed to offer you the best experience.

Let’s see some component products photography examples!

Do not miss a single detail of your unique product characteristics with sharpness. Every detail matters and you should show every aspect of your components with high precision. Eliminate any blurry effect and obtain the clearest visual possible.

Component products photography examples: how to sell a component online

how to shoot products on transparent background
examples of components photography

Remove the background of your product photography with AutoMask. It will help detect the edges of your product and it will then remove the background behind it. Obtain your product on a white or transparent background and be able to place the product on any desired background.


See more examples of component products photography.

Let your customers discover all the advantages of your components with 360° animations

On your animation add hotspots and allow the customer to obtain the information you wish to convey. Let your visitor discover the material of each of your products’ parts, for example if they are made-out of aluminum, iron, plastic, etc. These details matter enormously!

Let your customer turn your product around and have a closer look at its every side. Each side is different, so reassure your buyer about the professionalism of your products by creating a hemispherical or spherical 3D components animation. Satisfy your customers!

Let your customers zoom in on the animation to examine every detail and aspect of your components. The details matter a lot in your industry. Satisfy your customers and simultaneously you will be making your website so interactive!

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