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Let your customers enter a parallel universe through your breathtaking visuals

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Easily remove the background of your products pictures no matter the complexity of their form, size and weight. With AutoMask, let your computer do it for you, by doing an intuitive background removal.

Obtain your series of products on a transparent or white background and be able to place them on any colorful or patterned background. Creativity is within reach!

Let’s see some examples of toys product photography!

Did you just spend half an hour editing a figurine, but you still have so many to shoot? No need to worry, we have come up with a solution! Wih Multi Editing, be able to edit all your visuals of the same typology at once, save your editing settings and reapply them to the rest of the visuals.

Your toys and games can become more fun with 360° animations

Once upon a time, product photography was in the form of a single still photo. Times have changed, technology was developed and product photography was simplified. Our imagination has no limits and no age: we came up with innovative systems that will allow your products to look even better!

360° animations is the solution. With the help of the magic wand make your toys spin!

With OneClick, save your image under different formats and size at once, in just a few clicks. This will definitely be handy when it comes to adding your visuals to your different mediums, such as catalogues, print media, social media or your website.


See more examples of toys and games products photography.

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Allow your customers to zoom in on your animations and discover all the subtle details of your toys and board games. Allow them to read the user guide of the game to understand how it works, or to zoom in on your figurines to have a closer look.

Help yourself with the Positioning rules to perfectly place your products. It takes the form of a ruler tool that appears on your screen and it will guide you during the entire shooting process.

how to photograph products on white background
product photographer for toys and game examples
  • how to photograph products on white background
  • product photographer for toys and game examples

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