High-end jewelry photography: saving time and money with PackshotCreator

Paris, September 2021 – Complex and expensive jewelry need to be displayed at their best if you want to sell them online and ensure the potential customer of the quality and details of the products. Matej Sukovsky, the CEO of Eppi, a Czech luxury jewelry reseller, decided to get equipped with the PackshotCreator jewelry photo studio to enhance and diversify his visual creation.

What was the biggest challenge you faced before investing in an automated photo studio?

“We used to create our visuals internally with a photographer and a basic photo box. It required a big amount of time and post-production. We were doing a lot of focus stacking manually and shooting our rings with glue support: this made us spend a lot of money and time with external services retouching all the photos.
Our biggest concern was not being able to deliver our visuals on time.

For a single photo and depending on how complicated the product is, it would take about fifteen minutes for the capture, plus one or two hours just for the retouching. With the PackshotMacro Ring Edition, today, one photo can be done and ready to be published in less than five minutes.”

Packshot Macrosphere 3D photo system for jewelry

Why did you choose PackshotCreator?

“We were in contact with all the different companies worldwide in this niche market providing similar products. However, PackshotCreator was by far the only company that could really provide us a quality presentation and the best results. Their competitors did not even manage to send us a good picture. Jewelry is not like shoes or other easy products to shoot. It requires good light, a good camera and lenses but also expertise and know how, what PackshotCreator offered us.

The possibility of evolving the systems also played a big role in our decision. PackshotCreator offers an exclusive range of jewelry systems with unique features and upgrade options, while the other companies were more limited. The suction technology on the PackshotMacro RE studio, for example, is a unique feature on the market and definitely, the most important that we needed for ourselves and none of the competitors had. We knew we would save hours and hours of retouching.”

(photo made with the unique suction technology of the PackshotMacro RE studio)

You have the PackshotCreator since 9 months today. What are your observations?

“The fact that our rings can be photographed without a visible support and without a background using the AutoMask feature avoid us to spend a lot of time with post-production.

The 3D MacroSphere system let us easily move our camera up or down to different angles while the turntable turns the product in 360 degree. In the end, we can automatically get a final visual of the jewelry displayed in all angles and sides, and even create hemispherical animations. This is a huge advantage for us, and compared to our competitors, as we can display our more complex rings at their best: the customers can see these products from all angles. We ensure them quality, true to life visuals with a great amount of pictures per animations. They are 100% aware of what they are going to purchase and are happy when they receive their order.”

(Photo shot with the automatically background removal feature AutoMask)

How are things going today?

“We are able to easily take our jewelry photos in-house and integrate them right afterwards. With the combination of our PackshotMacro RE studio, intuitive software and useful accessories, we can quickly create professional quality visuals and automatically get focus stacking images, 360 and 3D animations. Our visual production time was cut by half and now we can be more productive, consistent and deliver our visuals on time.

Besides, the PackshotCreator team supported us in every way, giving us quick answers to our questions when we needed, as well as being very helpful and patient while training us on how to use the software.”

(more photo examples made with the PackshotMacro RE and MacroSphere)


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