From measurement to product photography, two technologies to increase your time to market: PackshotCreator and CubiScan

Serving the time to market, CubiScan and PackshotCreator are an alliance between a measuring and weighing system and an automated photo studio controlled by software. This combination is dedicated to optimization of data management. It helps to reduce the number of human and technical resources.

Automated or not, operational and adapted to different volumes, these tools have been designed to save time, space, handling, and money to the companies using this solution. Everything is centralized in the same department: PackshotCreator photo studio completes the data collection created by the CubiScan system by automatically integrating the visuals inside the data sheet. No need to send the products to each department.

Time to market warehouse PackshotCreator Cubiscan

Time to market: a strategic and competitive advantage

The time to market also represents a competitive advantage. Centralizing and gathering all the necessary information as soon as the products arrive at the warehouse, allows more reactivity when a product needs to be put online for an ecommerce website.

From the efficient collection of morphological data of your products to the export of your visual files, you can create for you articles both, database and product sheets intended to a website or a merchandising department. Depending on the volume of the products to be put online, the time saved can be calculated in hours, days or even weeks.

From logistic to product sheet

This combination is dedicated to a better product qualification and ensures reliability of the database. Interfacing CubiScan and PackshotCreator solutions permits to get a complete product with diversified contents: homogeneous and normalized visuals on a pure white or transparent background. « This partnership with PackshotCreator is about to increase opportunities to logistic departments. They will possess a powerful software of warehouses and transports managements and will be able to face the growing demands of their marketing department. » explains Pierre-Loïc Vaillant, Business and Development Manager, Associate at Tecsoft.

Improve time to market for logistics

Accuracy of measurement, weighing, and capturing of the products

The CubiScan 25 and the 360 photo studio PackshotCreator R3 Mark II solutions concentrate multiple technologies of accuracy. Both for product measurement and lighting small objects with irregular shapes. It is possible to measure and weigh products with a precision of 1mm and 2g, and to modulate the lighting from 1 to 100% to enlighten each detail of the product shot.

measurement and weighing system

CubiScan 25

No more manual entry

Both systems are combined to a control software allowing data collection, morphological or visual. Information are not collected manually anymore and it is possible to set profiles of capture or data saving, in order to facilitate the information acquisition.

360automated photo studio for product photography

PackshotCreator R3 Mark II


An error rate reduced from 4 to less than 1%

Compared to a manual entry, the error rate during data collection falls from 4% to 1%, thanks to profiles and workflow automation. This is a win-win situation. The idea would be to go further in the combination between PackshotCreator and CubiScan. The main goal would be to shoot products arriving at the warehouse and to provide animated visuals by using the turntables and 360 features of PackshotCreator. Those rich contents, linked to the CSV data file, would characterize even better the products. A partnership that always provides more information for data collection!

Become the photographer of your products

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