Media coverage of March 2012: the selection

Media coverage about PackshotCreator photo solutions. From the ”starter kit” to 3D product photography.

Chausser – Mensuel –  [Gamme Start] « To cope with the growing demand for e-business among SMEs, PackshotCreator offers a ready-to-use « Starter product photography kit » to allow even smallest companies to have access to powerful technologies and increase online sales and at the same time get a quick ROI. »


Retail Nech – 14 mars – « By using the 3D product animations and 360 degree product pictures the conversation will be increase tremendously, according to Sysnext. The company developed the so called photo studio PackshotCreator R3 and claims that the users of the machine saw the conversion rising with 80 percent.»


Photo N- Magazine – 24 mars – «  This provides unprecedented benefits: the viewer gets a detailed and realistic image of the product. The 360 automated photo studio PackshotCreator R3 illustrates images, colors, shadows and materials very precise and smooth; this is due to the LED lights placed in the back en underground of the machine with a high color index. »

«  However the machine is very easy to use for a non-professional, the professional photographer with his or her knowledge and experience can even get more out of the machine. »

Become the photographer of your products

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