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Minifotostudio / Teleson, our partner in the Netherlands

This week, we would like to introduce you to our partner in the Netherlands.

Looking for a product demonstration in the Netherlands? Visit our Dutch partner Minifotostudio’s showroom in Utrecht! The whole team will be happy to welcome you and help you decide which solution best fits to your projects.

PackshotCreator Netherlands

Pack shot Netherlands

Among other solutions, you will be able to test yourself PackshotCreator 3D, the unique automated solution for still picture, 360-degree and 3D shooting. You will see how easy it is to enrich your e-commerce websites with 3D interactive views.

product photographer Paris

For your largest products, take a closer look to the PackshotSpin software-controlled turntables that let you create 360-degree animations in one single click.

To contact our partner Minifotostudio/ Teleson

Nevadadreef 26
3565 CB Utrecht
T +31 30 263 10 00
F +31 30 261 23 41
[email protected]


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