Online product photography: hit the ground running in 2018

To cap off a year filled with innovations, PackshotCreator is announcing an exceptional trade-in offer. The leading brand in online product photography will take your old studio box and replace it with a flagship product, the PackshotCreator R3 M, operated by the latest generation PackshotCreator software.

Here’s a recap of the innovations we launched in 2017…

Three new products for in-house image production

The year ended with a bang, both for PackshotCreator on online product photography & e-commerce business. According to JDN digital analytics, online retail revenue was up 13.48% in November 2017 compared with the previous year. Also according to JDN figures, in the same period online purchases grew by 16.06%.

To keep up with this steady growth in e-commerce, the company that helps entrepreneurs become their own product photographers launched three major innovations in 2017.

A full overhaul of software for online product photography and 360 animations

PackshotCreator has been regularly updated ever since it was launched more than a decade ago. This time it’s been fully overhauled to allow uniform image production, from product positioning in studio to uploading and using image files. Images can now be added to all types of media, including online retail websites, databases and social. The new software will now accompany the full range of photo studios, 360 degrees product animation turntables and 3D systems. New tools allow users to speed up their image production process, whether they’re beginners or advanced professionals.

creating a 360 shoes animation with automask

With a simplified interface and improved algorithms, the PackshotCreator software 2018 edition includes many new features that make it more powerful and intuitive than ever before

Now there are even more ways to enhance photos and animations, with added creativity. One innovation to watch: the automatic cropping process is much faster than before. The LiveLight feature in some studios lets you adjust the light sources at will from a touchscreen device. It’s perfect when photographing difficult items like eyewear. Other product photography software innovations include the ability to add drop shadows to product images, or create a 360° video and extract all of the images. Another improvement, especially useful for online retailers who produce a high volume of images, is the ability to transfer photos, animations and videos and have them hosted directly.

The new LiveLight feature lets you control and adjust the different LED light sources within your studio. And you can do it all from a touchscreen tablet (see photo above and video below).

A storage and publishing tool for online product photos and animations

This lets you manage your online resources and get detailed usage data. Most importantly, makes it easy to publish images without delay. You can publish your photos quickly, whether it’s in your online store or your internal communications. “Our number one priority was to reinforce ease of use and provide innovative features. Over several months we looked at comments from our customers and feedback from our photography experts. Our developers worked for many months to make this the simplest, most high-performing software on the market. It’s accessible to everyone, photographers as well as beginners. We’ve even simplified and enhanced the interface,” explains Laurent Wainberg, founder and director of PackshotCreator.

The new PackshotCreator software lets you store photos, animations and videos on a host server (cloud), making it easier to publish them online and analyze their use

Two new automated photo studios

On the studio side, two innovations have been added to a range of offline & online product photography solutions tailored to every industry. The new LuminaPad Mark II backlit photo table is a unique design with a multitude of configurations. These make it possible to photograph clothing and accessories in flatlay product photography or on a mannequin. The Full LED lighting system includes five different light sources that can be operated via LiveLight. “For instance, this lets you give volume to clothes that are being photographed flat. LiveLight is perfect for exceptional color rendering. The touchscreen controls provide unparalleled amplitude and precision when you’re making adjustments to the lighting,” explains Nicolas, product photography expert and instructor for PackshotCreator. On top of this, the studio includes a measuring feature to provide product’s interactive information on the size of any garment or accessory.

easily place a product to photograph

Eight light sources for perfect product photographs to display online

The PackshotOne Mark II is an XXL-sized photo studio. Just like the LuminaPad Mark II, it comes equipped with the LiveLight feature to operate the full LED lighting system. There are fully 8 zones where light intensity can be adjusted, including two articulated front panels. Each of these zones is modular and independently adjustable. The photo studio can accommodate products up to 120 cm tall. A turntable can be added to the studio to generate multi-angle, interactive 360° views.

Online product photography: a solution for extra large products

The PackshotSpin has been a popular tool for producing 360° animations for over ten years. A now it now comes with even better specs! The turntable is now available with an XL upgrade, making it the only tray with a 3 m diameter capable of supporting a load of up to 600 kg. With this system, furniture companies can do their own photo shoots. They can also produce multi-angle images and 360° photographs of even their largest items of furniture. They can upload images to their online store, share them in-house or publish them on social media. And the same goes for two-wheelers: the 360° platform can support all kinds of bikes.

A three meter diameter and a capacity of up to 600 kg. All kinds of bulky items can be photographed or rendered as animations

2018: a year of innovations in online product photography

2018 is set to be a watershed year for PackshotCreator. A new range of studios is being launched with numerous innovations. “The goal is to get ever closer to the specific needs of different industries and businesses and the particular characteristics of their products. These new packshot photo studios will be targeted to every budget and all types of use. They will be highly tailored tools, and never-before-seen innovations on the offline & online product photography market,” says Laurent Wainberg.


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