New Software-controlled LED Studio Light Kits Now Available from PackshotCreator

PackshotCreator announced the release of its new dimmable LED studio light kit with wireless lighting control and product photography software – LiveStudio LS-150.

LiveStudio new software-controlled LED studio light kits represents a breakthrough in how product shots and videos are created.  Designed specifically to integrate traditional lighting techniques with advanced software control, LiveStudio software controls compatible Canon and Nikon dSLR cameras by USB as well as wireless, dimmable LED lights, in real time. A live view on a monitor screen allows users to consistently place, compose and take product shots using their computer. Captured images are immediately transferred to the monitor screen for immediate viewing and processing.  With options to purchase photography kits with 4, 5, 6 and 8 lights, amateur and professional photographers alike can use LiveStudio to automate product photography.

LiveStudio a connected studio via a dongle to drive the light intensity

Using preset or custom light setups, the 150 Watt LED lights with 61 x 89 cm softboxes and 2,45 m air-cushioned light stands can be dimmed individually or in groups to capture images in JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, HTML, MOV, MP4 and RAW formats.

The new dimmable LED studio light kit to automate product photography

The LiveLight feature gives users the ability easily preview objects under different lighting conditions. By simply moving the mouse over the live preview, the direction and intensity of light changes in real time. Thus, users can quickly to compose and take the best picture, then save the light settings later use.

fashion photography shooting with LED lighting kit Live Studio


“LiveStudio is more than just studio lights,” said Laurent Wainberg, PackshotCreator founder and CEO. “Through patented advanced lighting control and software integration, LiveStudio makes product photography and video capture faster and easier than ever before.”

The PackshotCreator software includes the ability to define and re-use the best camera, lighting, editing and saving parameters to simplify and automate the product photography workflow. The Ghost Image feature ensures consistent product placement over time. Other image processing tools include drop shadows, annotations and watermarks.

LiveStudio offers wireless control of unlimited lights within a 30 m range and is fully compatible with PackshotCreator’s line of 360 product photography turntables. The lights are 5500K, last 100,000 hours, offer CRI > 95+ and feature convenient S-type light mounts.

This dimmable LED studio light kit is currently available and works on both Windows and Mac.

Become the photographer of your products

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