PackshotCreator software Version 11 : a significant step into product photography optimization

PackshotCreator product photography software 2019Discover some of the latest advancements in automated product photography with PackshotCreator software:

Automatic background removal

PackshotCreator engineers worked hard in order to improve and go further developing algorithms and optimization to remove the background. The AutoMask feature helps users to take pictures and remove the background automatically without additional steps even on complicated products). Save time, and money, because you won’t need to post-edit the picture.

Here are three main advancements on algorithms and features:

● Quicker than ever
PackshotCreator software 2019 is 44% and 36% faster than before to realize respectively 2D product photography and 360° animations (with 360 photo studio PackshotCreator R3 Mark II).

● More accurate than ever
Easy interface: users are invited to use AutoMask simply, as it is perfectly integrated in the actual interface. The combination of « presets » and « fine tune » settings permits to the AutoMask feature to work with all kind of products.

Natural shadow for a natural visual
During AutoMask, you can keep a natural shadow to enhance you visual in 2D or 360 animation.

Note : the AutoMask is only available on some PackshotCreator photo studio

Faster capture and workflows

 ● Batch Editing
Directly apply editing actions while saving your pictures

● Direct Image Export
The pictures taken are instantly saved into the dedicated file

● QuickShot Mode
Impressively increase the speed of a 360° animation shooting


Product photography white background with PackshotCreator software 2019

New features for eCommerce professionals:

  1. Add and custom metadata according to your visuals
  2. New features of capture and video editing
  3. Deep Zoom available in the HTML Editor
  4. Enhancement of the Highlight feature
  5. Improvements of editing features: margins, curves, and area selections

New supported photo studios and capture systems:

  1. PackshotDual Capture: create 360° animations with 2 rows
  2. LiveStudio 150W: a traditional photo studio with LED lighting kit controlled by software
  3. PackshotSpin O3T+: turntable dedicated to medium sized products – up to 45kg
  4. PackshotSpin Jewelry: turntable designed with a very precise engine to shoot and hang products during 360° animations
  5. PackshotMacro X2: photo studio dedicated to diamonds and gems photography
  6. PackshotMacro DL: photo studio dedicated to jewels and rings photography
  7. PackshotStudio Range: backlit turntables dedicated to large products photography and background removal

PackshotCreator software Canon compatibility

Mirrorless Canon EOS R range now compatible with the PackshotCreator software!

Upgrade your software now to benefit from the latest features of the PackshotCreator software!

Become the photographer of your products

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