Newheads AD | IT agency enters the world of 360 product animations

Business Case : newheads AD | IT agency enters the world of 360 product animations with PackshotCreator automated photo studios.

Newheads AD | IT is an advertising agency specialized in branding and also offers webmastering and software development services.

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Which solution did the agency NEWHEADS AD | IT adopt to expand its portfolio of services while maintaining the same productivity?

Objectives & stakes

Optimizing the customer’s online store

Newheads’ « IT » branch is specialized in 2.0. webshops, which includes redesigning websites, adding a creative touch to obtain an attractive result. In addition, it develops several tools to enhance the interaction between the company and the user. It aims at offering a complete service to its customers.

Developing branding services

As part of the development of its advertising department, newheads’ « AD » branch also needs professional quality products images.

Solution to create 360 °product animations


The all in one solution: PackshotCreator

The only response to the various problems of newheads AD | IT was the PackshotOriginal which allows for the creation of 360°animations in-house. This equipment is the bestseller of PackshotCreator. It includes a turntable which allows the user to create 360 product animations in few clicks. Thanks to the solution’s lightbox which offers a homogeneous lighting, this solution generates pictures on a white background.

Process for 360 product animations creation


For his client Meine Hanse, a food company selling sauces, candies, drinks, pastries…, the agency had to generate both high-definition pictures and animations.
To allow the visitor to easily read the labels of components which is often sticked at the back of the products, the agency offers 360 product animations to his client. Such larger than life presentation allows the user to literally manipulate the product. An interaction between the brand and its e consumer is born.


“From June 2011 on, we have photographed more than 100 products for the brand “Meine Hanse””. said Mr Vosteen, the Director of the agency.


Results & advantages

This is a productive and efficient solution, ideal to create professional photos

The PackshotOriginal is the tool to quickly and easily create pictures but also 360 °product animations. It meet the needs of advertising agencies or web agencies seeking to expand their service catalog without necessarily lower their productivity or extend their deadline. Shootings are done internaly.

This results in two key advantages: a total autonomy and a direct contact between the artistic director and the technical teams. Finally, this solution allows the agency newheads AD | IT to gain new customers.



Témoignage client PackshotCreator

“The result brings a new life to the products and websites. The product becomes easy to understand for the customers.”

Mr Vosteen, Director





About newheads AD | IT

newheads AD | IT is an advertising and software development agency : its services includes branding, brochures creation, ad campaigns, webmastering. The agency is located in Hamburg, Germany. Their philosophy is : “There is always a way”
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About PackshotCreator
The PackshotCreator is a unique solution that allows for the creation of an infinite number of HD pictures and 360 °/ 3D product animations.
The PackshotCreator photos studios were adopted by  more than 10 000 users in the world such as Henkel, Masterfoods, Beiersdorf, Sanofi Aventis, Tissot…



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