15 years of partnership and more than a hundred million visuals created

How to simplify the production of more than a hundred million still product photos and 360° product animation or 3D animations of products every year? PackshotCreator and Ortery are two pioneers in product photography. They are celebrating 15 years of technological partnership, dedicated to finding an even more effective response to the question that thrives e-merchants, Research & development, archiving or quality control.

Ortery and PackshotCreator: thousands of customers on five continents

The key to this solid partnership between the firms located in Ivrine (California) and Levallois-Perret: is a  constant synergy towards innovation. Innovation to the service to more than ten thousand clients and users of 2D, 360° and 3D photo systems for product photography, on the different continents. A challenge is finally raised: improving the automation and quality of the product photography process. A mission accomplished successfully for all kinds of businesses, regardless the industry or size. “Ortery is a technological company. We approach product photography with a slightly different prism, we understand it from a technical point of view: how to speed up and make the process easier than it ever was”, say Sam Shearer, CEO of Ortery technologies.

Expert or beginner product photographer

In 2019, the two product photography specialists are ready to launch not less than nine novelties. “We allow anyone, regardless the product to shoot, to use our systems, to place the object and to take a professional photo. If you are a beginner in the product photography sector, the advantage of the systems is their simplicity to use. If you are a professional, it is the flexibility of the solutions driven by our product photography software and the fluidity of the visual workflow that will surprise you” underlines Sam Shearer. Ortery and PackshotCreator, are constantly trying, since 2004, to make online communication more efficient and effective for their clients.

Automated Photo studios: controlled online communication

“Our pride, and what makes our partnership make sense, is the constant search for better automated photo studios for all of our clients. They are for us a source of inspiration. Their feedback on their personal experience with their photo studios is always taken into consideration, when improving our product range. It is what allows us to anticipate future needs, to imagine new studios and to invent new software features”, underlines Laurent Wainberg, CEO of PackshotCreator. “If anyone has an idea of what they would like to see in our next software version, they are more than welcome to share it with us. This helps us and our clients, because we are manufacturing our own products and we do not sell those of someone else. It is our brand that is on our products and it is our reputation that is at stake”, adds Sam Shearer.

Meet the needs of all market players

PackshotCreator and their partner, after many months of Research & Development, and tests, launched their newest photo studios. The PackshotCompact, the PackshotStart Mark II and the LiveStudio. In the online sales and online communication, the demand for visuals is exploding, whether for marketplaces, e-commerce or social network. Since March, Instagram has experimented with a direct purchase feature “in app” (in the application), the “check out”. If the experience is conclusive, users will be able to buy products without leaving the app. For the moment, around 20 brands are available in the United States. Eventually, if the experiment is a success, the social network bought by Facebook, could open the floodgates of this system to SMEs for example.

product photography partnership beetween PackshotCreator and Ortery

The PackshotStart Mark II

Photographers, consultants and autoentrepreneurs

It is to SMEs, small communication agencies, but also to new consultants or autoentrepreneurs that PackshotCreator and its partner Ortery address themselves to. “We bring today, with these three 2D photo studios, not only a technical answer, but also an economic one for businesses and new professions. Photographs, consultants and autoentrepreneurs can access the quality of PackshotCreator with these novelties. They are all three software-driven, equipped with a fully adjustable LED light intensity. These easy-to-use solutions allow you to control the entire process of photo production directly from the software that directs the camera and the lighting. You can memorize and reapply each setting to your photo production. This is to ensure a 100% homogeneity and image quality”, explains Laurent Wainberg.

LED lighting system for product photography

A fully adjustable LED light intensity

Transformable photo studio and backlit 360 platform

These technologies enable a responsive and interactive 360° animation of products, which are popular, especially for e-commerce or fashion industry. PackshotCreator and Ortery have strengthened their range of systems by launching the PackshotStudio 360 and PackshotStudio Multi-Side. This transformable studio and large backlit-rotating platform contain the latest and most powerful technologies developed by both partners. “The latest novelties and innovations are representative of the force of our partnership. They enable us to meet the challenges of expansion into the global market. Always in the goal of meeting the needs of our customers in every activity sector”, concludes Laurent Wainberg.


Become the photographer of your products

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