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20 years of innovations, several thousands of visuals created by our users, expertise for each industry, makes of PackshotCreator the leader in solutions and services dedicated to product photography. Rich media, automation, 360° animations or background removal: PackshotCreator was a precursor at every key step in product photography. The result: a range of advanced solutions and thousands of customers who became experts with their systems. Our trainings are part of our DNA. They are unique because they are entirely personalized. Learn and master your visual production workflows. You will have the keys to a long-term success.

Control your production flows, benefit from expert advice

From beginner to expert: we meet the needs of our customers to train you and give you a new perspective on product photography. Your goal: to go further in terms of creativity and productivity. What kind of visuals can you create to highlight your products? How and what software features should you master to create your visuals? Which methodology should be used to be operational as soon as possible?

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Trainings tailored to your profile

Whatever your product photography skills, our different training modules can be adapted to your needs. They are aimed at all users of a PackshotCreator studio, from beginners to the most experienced, with a common vector: being adaptated to your profile. These modules are therefore unique and prepared according to your objectives: create a product catalogue, publish online, in a very short time, a large volume of visuals or 360° animations, create standard visuals for a Quality Control department… In nearly two decades, our trainers have prepared users for all situations!

"Customizing and adapting the trainings as best as possible"

Meeting your expectations is our credo. Our trainers have been developing and testing their pedagogy for nearly 20 years, on a daily basis, with more than 20,000 users. Users from all industries. The trainings they provide in the mastery of PackshotCreator systems, takes place at your office, or remotely. You have the opportunity to attend to the training, from three to five people, or even more, depending on the module chosen. Regardless of the future user’s job, the system is easy-to-use . Combined with the customized advices of our trainers, trainings will quickly make you operational to implement your solution and set up your visual production workflows.

"Graphic designers, management assistants, warehousemen..."

Enhancing and highlighting objects is the passion that drives Marie, trainer at PackshotCreator. “I always loved still life photography. So it was only natural that I focused on product photography. I first worked as a packshot photographer in a company before starting to train users at PackshotCreator in 2017. I like product photography and the idea of transmission. ” Since 2017, Marie has already trained more than 50 users in PackshotCreator solutions throughout Europe: “We want our customers to be able to use their studio and software independently. This is our main goal. Trainings generally take place over one or two days and involve several users. We start with a short theoretical part and the practice immerses them and allows them to take charge of their studio. The users trained to use our studios come from different professions: graphics designers, managers, assistants or even warehousemen. Our solutions are therefore accessible and usable, whatever your profession and level of expertise in product photography.

Online Training (one to two hours):

When you choose the Online Training, via screen sharing, you will discover live (depending on the time chosen), how to use the main features needed to create your visuals. You accelerate your productivity, your creativity… In all simplicity! These trainings concern specific cases: arrival of a new user or mastery of a special feature.

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On-site Training, adapted to your specific needs (one or two days):

A module that skillfully combines theory and practice to help you push your studio to the maximum of its skills and master the necessary features for your visual production workflows. On your production site, accompanied by an expert, you can learn, in a few hours, how to use the features of the PackshotCreator software. Our expert will teach you how to make a tool simple, even more functional and productive.

The second step of this training is the configuration of the workflows. Optional, it aims to meet your needs, with even greater precision. With our expert, you will program the different customized profiles by products to be photographed or animated. Saving the profiles of shooting, lighting and file export settings. You will then only have to reapply them, and automate your shootings, ensuring perfect visual homogeneity!

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