PackshotCreator for the fashion and retail: the perfect solution for creating efficiently and effectively high quality product photo

PackshotCreator is a leading company specialized in the automated creation of photos and 360° product animations for online shops and websites. The French company offers a complete range of systems to meet all requirements and accommodate products of the most diverse sizes: from the diamond of a ring that must shine on a jeweler’s web page, 360-degree views of furniture, to multi-angle high-definition (HD) photos of clothing on mannequins.

PackshotCreator‘s solutions meet all these requirements with speed, precision and quality. If you want to photograph accessories or clothing for your online store, the Light table and backlit studio LuminaPad Mark II is the best choice. This photo studio has been specially designed to meet the needs of the textile and fashion sectors. It offers two different shooting modes. The large backlit table can be used for flat shots of clothes and accessories. By using this backlit table in vertical mode, you can visualize fashion items and accessories on mannequins.

Fashion Center Finland is located ten minutes away from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, near the station, on the Helsinki city centre road. Fashion Center uses the LuminaPad+Mark II to create visuals for its outlet store. This fashion centre, which currently houses around 200 fashion brands, brings together wholesalers and retailers. It is a meeting point for fashion experts. It also serves as an exhibition and lounge for all fashion events.

About 2,000 clothes and accessories from a collection were photographed flat or on mannequins. 360° animations were then created for digital communication and the written press. Timy Lassooy, one of the founders of the Fashion Center explains: “We needed a complete in-house photo solution to create still images of flat-lay clothing and create 360° animations on ghost mannequins.” They chose PackshotCreator with its LuminaPad+ Mark II studio and complementary solutions. “I was particularly impressed by the versatility of this integrated system. This is the first time we have used a complete PackshotCreator photo solution. We have been able to significantly optimize our production performance. “, explains Timy Lassooy.

More productive, faster, competitive than ever

wps medienservice AG also had to increase its visual production. The advertising agency, based in Windisch, Switzerland, has been developing advertising content for the retail industry for over 50 years. One of its customers, a major Swiss distributor, has decided to sell its range of products not only in stores, but also on its own online store. The visuals of these products had to be made at 360°. This was a huge challenge for the company, as no less than 40,000 products had to be digitized. Second challenge: a year and a half to put everything online!

Its software records the settings once they have been made and we can then transfer them to other studios”

After a market study, Swiss advertising specialists compared two other image capture systems with PackshotCreator solutions. One from Poland and the other from the Czech Republic. “We chose PackshotCreator because the software for 360° product animation is more advanced, intuitive and fast. For us, the most important thing was to assemble the images at 360 degrees. At the competitor’s, the export of the photos lasted 20 minutes per photo. It was really too long. We also needed an effective software and hardware combination […] Only PackshotCreator offered this mix. “, explains Daniel Holliger, Deputy Managing Director of wps:

The advertising agency currently uses eight 360 automated photo studio PackshotCreator R3, 360 photo studio PackshotMacro R and one 3d arm system PackshotSphere X5 XL. They operate and meet the agency’s daily productivity requirements: “We took 250 to 300 product photos per day. With traditional manual production, we would not have been able to photograph these items in the required time frame. The PackshotCreator is completely different. Its software records the settings once they have been made and we can then transfer them to other studios. This brings enormous efficiency gains. After only eight months, we already have a return on investment. Since then, we have made profits and also have been able to encourage other customers to use these studios to digitize their products. “says Daniel Holliger.

PackshotCreator R3 Mark II 360 automated photo studio

The PackshotCreator R3 Mark II

The Deputy Managing Director of wps sees the transition to automated imaging as a response to changing market conditions. “If the prices of photographs of classic products are so low, we must react and look for other technical possibilities. PackshotCreator was in the right place at the right time. I can absolutely recommend the product. “, he adds.

“PackshotCreator considers it a priority to optimize the customer’s return on investment by giving them the means to accelerate and improve photo production”,explains Laurent Wainberg, the founder and CEO of the company based in the Paris area.

To remain competitive, service providers must take into account the declining prices of photographs of traditional products and the need to generate large quantities in less time than before. This is currently wpsto keep one-step ahead of the competition. In Switzerland, the advertising agency chose this positioning by using PackshotCreator.

High definition product images to optimize your online presence

In the fashion industry, another trend is emerging: luxury brands are increasingly internalizing the production of advertising content and product photos. And this is also the case for those in the area who, until very recently, did not have visuals of their products posted on the Internet. This is also the case for the Première Vision show, dedicated to professionals in the fashion industry. It is held twice a year – in February and September – in Paris, and also twice a year in New York and Istanbul. It has launched a Marketplace that presents its range of fabrics, leather and fashion accessories throughout the year. From the beginning, 750 shops and 1,200 products were online and exclusively accessible to 1500 registered buyers and stylists.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present and sell their collections online between each exhibition. Many actors in the fashion industry have to learn about products and innovations much more frequently than before and cannot wait until the next trade fair. Suppliers can in turn stimulate sales between events. The online catalogue is also intended to help exhibitors with little presence on the web to offer their collections in the same way.


Premiere Vision Marketplace

Give the best possible impression by using HD visuals

“I chose from five different suppliers offering studio equipment, such as a box or a light table. PackshotCreator convinced me by the great flexibility and adaptability of its products. The software met a second important requirement. Even people without photographic training can take pictures with the cameras. “, says Gaël Seguillon, head of the Marketplace at Première Vision.

For Gaël Seguillon, the embedded software is user-friendly. Many different profiles, shooting and lighting settings can be saved and reused later: “This is particularly useful before the show. Especially when we have to photograph 1,000 different tissues. Now, with a photo table, an operator and a camera, we can produce the visuals for more than 100 products per day,” he adds. This performance is very good compared to what a qualified photographer could previously achieve.

“6,000 products are currently online on our website. Every six months, we have to take pictures of new products. We now use the LuminaPad to which we have added the PackshotMacro DL for 360° animation of accessories and small accessories. “, explains the person in charge of the Marketplace.

Compared to the cost of an external photographer, the purchase of the systems has already been amortized at the end of the first year, despite a slow start. At the same time, the volume of products to be photographed is increasing very rapidly. Gaël Seguillon and his team are delighted with the high productivity of PackshotCreator solutions for product photography.

Experience with all your senses

The world of fashion is closely linked to the senses, especially touch. On the podiums in Paris, Milan and New York, in the major fashion shows, where buyers can get in touch with fabrics: experience counts. When fabrics and clothing are presented online, it is therefore crucial to create a unique user experience. An experience materialized by high-resolution images that can be manipulated and visible by every angle. PackshotCreator solutions combining high technology and customization allow you to do this. In addition to increasing productivity and return on investment, the devices are also convincing in terms of performance and capacity. PackshotCreator is the ideal partner for those who want to digitize their products in high quality, quickly and efficiently.

A selection of PackshotCreator solutions for the fashion industry:

PackshotModular Lighting photo studio

The PackshotStudio 360 is a scalable photo studio, open or closed, that offers a variety of possibilities for producing high quality images. It is particularly suitable for taking pictures of clothes on mannequins.PackshotAlto Mark II product photography lightboxThe PackshotAlto Mark II is a complete photo studio solution for product photography with a sophisticated lighting system and turntable. The entire photo studio is controlled by software. The great advantage of this model is its size: the XL version offers a total volume of 2.50 m³. It accommodates products up to 2.23 m high and weighing 135 kg.
product photography solution LiveStudio


LiveStudio is an automated photo studio that combines innovative three-tiered technology: LED lighting, control system and software. All production processes are fast, simple and economical.

Become the photographer of your products

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