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PackshotCreator R3 a key photography product box

KelOptic, is an online optician is using the PackshotCreator R3, a photography product box to realize still shots and 360° animations of its eyewear products.  

An in-house daily photo production

Created two years ago, KelOptic.com has experienced a tremendous success and has to meet its customers’ needs and expectations.

Capture of reflective and transparent products

With 20 shootings a day on average, the brand objectives were to gain more productivity, reduce the amount of time allocated to the shootings and still get a sharp quality from its products visuals. User of PackshotStart 360 for two years already, KelOptic wishes to go even further in product photography and equipped itself with PackhsotCreator R3. This automatic photography product box  offers a more sophisticated technology and numerous features like the capture of reflective and transparent products in particular, automatized masking and works on a pure white background


Automated creation of 360 eyewear animations

“Thanks to this new solution, we have increased our productivity. Now, the time allocated per product shooting is up to 5 minutes maximum. The system is very intuitive and easily manageable. Moreover, we offer a lot of luxury products thus this solution enables us to create 360° animations of eyewear and still photographs on a pure white background, giving the perfect photo finish to our products. PackshotCreator R3 has become the key solution for the creation of highly qualitative visuals, which is fundamental in order to satisfy our customers”.

Discover the new version (PackshotCreator R3 LT) of this photography product box on our official website : packshot-creator.com




Become the photographer of your products

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