Pallas Cuir and PackshotCreator

Created in 1988, “PALLAS CUIR” is a store specialized in leather clothing, motorcycle clothing, leather goods and footwear. The brand quickly became a regional reference in its domain.

How to create professionnals products pictures with PackshotCreator‘s solutions ?

In 2007, PALLAS CUIR opens its online store to bring a national dimension to its development and diversify its range.

A few years later, the company invests in a PackshotCreator 360 automated photo studio to create high quality pictures products to be quickly put on their website.

“PALLAS CUIR” used to create all its visual internally without any professional solution, which required photo retouching. Time spent on shooting and post-production were too much with an unsatisfactory result.

“Opting for an automated photo shooting solution became essential,” says Mr. Diaz, Business Director, who discovered PackshotCreator at the Who’s Next fashion fair in Paris.

The PackshotOne is the only photo studio made for large product shooting, top shot photography and are ideal for shooting clothes on mannequin torso, shoes, bags, luggage, textiles and accessories. The included “daylight” system is preconfigured and provides a faithful rendering of colors and materials, ideal for leather pieces.

“This solution has allowed us to save time, to be much more productive, but also standardize all our products pictures on white background

The PackshotCreator solution was very quickly adopted by PALLAS CUIR. Three people are in charge of the website and one person is entirely dedicated to shooting.

photo of a handbag for ecommerce purposes with zoom possibility

“On average, nearly 25 items are shot per half-day. Those pictures can be posted directly on the website made with PowerBoutique, which is another time saving for sure! To sum up, the photo studio PackshotCreator is a solution that allows us to be more productive, save time and our product pictures are very qualitative”

About “Pallas CUIR”:

PALLAS CUIR is a ten-employee family business and continues to write its history with over 20,000 loyal customers, always keeping in mind the quality and service at the best price.

Become the photographer of your products

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