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Paris, December 2020 – While the Prime Minister announced on Saturday, March 14 that all restaurants, bars, and non-essential businesses were to close their doors, Romain Tribout, a restaurant owner for eighteen years, was quickly confronted with reality and decided to bounce back. Having recently opened a small grocery store, the Cheftrub grocery, he decides to turn to online sales to perpetuate his local shop activity. In the context of the health crisis that will have a huge impact on the restaurant sector the  past year, Romain, with the help of PackshotCreator, has turned his experience into something positive. He tells us about it.

Romain, tell us about you and the Trublions.

“Les Trublions” is the story of two passionate people who decide to set up their restaurant in the heart of the magnificent 5th arrondissement of Paris. It is rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève that we opened our doors in 2015, offering simple dishes, good wine, to meet in the evening with friends, at lunchtime with colleagues.

Recently, we also took over the premises of my cousin, a sommelier, who owned a wine cellar adjoining the restaurant, and we have been working since the beginning of 2020 to open a chef’s grocery store there: manufacturing semi-canned Trublions type dishes, which can be kept for six months in the refrigerator, seasonal, without any additives and made from products sourced from responsible breeders and producers, and paid properly. We make it a point of honour to offer quality to our customers.

The health situation caught up with us very quickly: we were forced to close our restaurant and could not reopen our doors when authorized to do so because our premises did not allow us to comply with the strict health regulations.

I felt that we had to react quickly so that we wouldn’t be overtaken by events”.

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What was your decision?

“It was important for me to be one step ahead of the situation, and to project myself into the future. The future is still so uncertain at the moment.

As early as August, and despite my love for customer contact, I decided to set up an online sales project to market my groceries. So I had to find a way to make pictures of my products quickly, and especially in a homogeneous way. This website is my showcase. I’m certainly a chef, restaurant manager, and passionate, but I’m unfortunately not a photographer and I needed a simple, efficient solution, and all this in a very short period of time.

After some research and an overview of the market, I came across the PackshotCreator website. This French company provides software-controlled photo studios to photograph products in-house, ensuring the quality of photos that are essential for digitalization today.

Today, I can say that I am delighted with my choice. The PackshotCreator teams have not only helped me, but they have also allowed me to accelerate my project to build my website”.

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Why did you choose PackshotCreator?

“I found and contacted different companies on the Internet offering this kind of solution and I immediately got a very quick response from PackshotCreator.

On their site, I was seduced by the chat and was pleasantly surprised to get an answer from a real person. For more than an hour, I was able to ask all my questions, establish my project and study the different options available to me. I found the team very accessible, attentive, and truly available for urgent projects like mine.

As a result, I had an appointment at the showroom the next day to discover their photo studios and software. The speed and proximity reminded me why I like to do my job and I appreciated finding these values again with PackshotCreator.

After my appointment, I was convinced both by the simplicity and efficiency of the photo studio presented (the PackshotStart Mark II), but also by the expertise of the Packshot team. I placed my order in the following days, and received my photo studio the following week. I installed it in the grocery store and was trained directly. Once again, a simple, clear, and effective training”.


How are things going now?

“My website has been online since December 1st. To get started, I have already photographed more than 180 products, and I plan to photograph little by little the new arrivals.

I don’t have in mind this notion of productivity that large groups can have in using my photo studio, but rather a learning curve. Having it on my premises allows me to use it every day and whenever I want.

I feel like I am doing something positive in a context that is not really positive, and I am happy that PackshotCreator has accompanied me and is still accompanying me in this new adventure”.

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